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Know gun accessories in open fire

Attachments attached to images of M4A1 weapons and parts
In Free Fire (FF), a weapon can usually be paired / added to items that can increase the weapon’s power. These articles are called Attachments. Attachments have different uses. There are 7 attachments you should know about in Free Fire. Let’s discuss them together.


Muzzle level 3 pictures

The main function of Muzzle is to increase the range of the shot. The muzzle has 3 different levels. The higher the muzzle, the further the attack distance.


Selincer pictures

Selincer / Immersion is an attachment that can minimize the sound of gunshots. This attachment is also able to hide the location of the shooter from the enemy, which of course is very advantageous for users of SR and AR weapons. Instead, the Selincer must be built into the muzzle holder so that these two attachments cannot be used together.


Image magazine level 3

Magazine is the number of ammunition storage spaces. Magazine has 3 different levels. The larger the magazine level, the more bullets can be fired.

Double magazine

Image from Double Magazine or Fast Magazine

As the name suggests, this appendix has 2 magazines. After the balls in the first magazine have been used up, you can use the contents of the second magazine without waiting Reload. Of course, this magazine is very useful for gun users like SPAS12 who Reload speed very long time.

Fore grip

Foregrip drawing level 3

Foregrip / Grip, this item is designed to reduce the dispersion of fired bullets. Fore grip has 3 different levels. The higher the level, the higher the reduction Recoil arising.


Bipod pictures

As with Foregrip, the bipod / bracket can be reduced Recoil Very high altitude weapon, but the bipod can only be used when crouching or prone.


Screen size level 3

As the name suggests, the function of the rifle scope is to enlarge the field of view when aiming. Rifle scope also increases our accuracy when aiming at the enemy’s body. Scope only has 2 levels, namely:

Thermal area

How the Thermal Scope works, when used, it seems that the enemy is red when seen in the scope

There are also Thermal area, a riflescope that can show the enemy’s sight using body temperature. This scope distance corresponds to scope × 4.


Stock picture level 3

When shooting, we usually move left or right, the speed also depends on the weapon we are carrying. Well, this is where the stick function will improve Move us shooting.

Well folks, you already know how to use the attachment. So don’t forget to check out your gun attachment before you face the enemy😉. If you like my content today, not to mention that this is my first piece of content on FF, don’t forget to share it with your friends and follow my games blog below. I will first say goodbye and see you.

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