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JOOX Playlist exclusively for Mobile Legends Game Lovers

OKEGUYS – At the 515 eParty, JOOX presents exclusive soundtrack and playlist for Mobile Legends Game Lovers: Bang Bang, guys!

Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB), Games The world’s most popular MOBA from Moonton released a song called ‘Together’ which a soundtrack of 515 eParty activities this year.

JOOX presents exclusive soundtracks and playlists for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Game Lovers

JOOX Playlist Mobile Legends
Photo: JOOX

As the official music player partner, JOOX, Asia’s dedicated music streaming and entertainment platform, Original soundtrack and Playlists exclusively from the 515 eParty event for even more fun Games.

The MLBB 515 eParty is the MLBB’s largest annual event, with lots of fun and surprises for all users. One of them is the presentation of the song ‘Together’, which will add to the excitement of this event.

This song was played by STUN, the first virtual music group on Lawn of Dawn, consisting of 3 MLBB Iconic Heroes, namely Chou, Brody and Selena. The debut of STUN itself will be announced for the first time on May 8, 2021.

The concept of this song was chosen based on the theme of this year’s 515 eParty, a futuristic style with a color theme dominated by neon and bright colors that aims to give a more trendy and modern feel. You can feel this through the choice beat and the rhythm of the song carefree, catchy and light.

“The 515 eParty is our biggest annual event and every year we always present something unique and different. This year we have the theme “Together we can achieve more” and the song ‘Together’ is a song we created as the soundtrack for this event, ”said Aswin Atoni, Brand Director Moonton Indonesia.

“This year is special because we are working with JOOX, a music streaming platform that aims to host the music in Indonesia. The 515 OST playlist can only be heard exclusively on JOOX, which is sure to add even more Hype of this 515th celebration ”.

Through this strategic partnership, we hope to become JOOX and the application of choice for game and music lovers. “We are very happy about the trust Games MOBA most popular in Indonesia MLBB to present music that can accompany lovers of this game ”.

As a music host in Indonesia, we strive to always present music and entertainment content that suits the tastes and needs of users, including game lovers.

For game lovers, music is one of the elements that can create an atmosphere and increase the fun of the game so that users can really feel in the playing field.

“We hope that through this collaboration, MLBB and JOOX will become a complete combination that can accompany and entertain them anytime, anywhere,” said Yuanita Agata, Marketing Manager JOOX.

MLBB and JOOX present 3 exclusive playlists that match MLBB’s iconic hero characters, namely Chou, Brody and Selena.

Songs from different genres like pop, rock, electronic, based on the character of each persistent hero, powerful, and have different martial arts.

The three playlists are certainly very suitable to be played while playing Mabar (Playing together). What’s even more exciting is that every time users play the playlist, they are greeted by the characters’ voices. These three playlists can be enjoyed exclusively on JOOX from May 3, 2021.

Rewards That You Can Get

In addition to the opportunity to enjoy Playlist 515 eParty on JOOX, there are many other festivities on JOOX. One of them is the mission page (mission page). Where JOOX and MLBB users have the opportunity to get different items in the game MLBB.

Users only need to go to the Tasks & Rewards page to reward in the form of objects in the game MLBB. The mission page itself will be available from May 17, 2021.

JOOX Playlist Mobile Legends
Photo: JOOX

What is even more exciting is that MLBB and JOOX users can enter the code “MLBBJOOX” in the JOOX application between May 1st and 31st, 2021 to receive free JOOX-VIP for 3 days! So, Stay tuned and don’t miss it guys!

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Don’t forget to keep up with the excitement of the 515 eParty and play the playlist on JOOX. Make your Mabar more fun because it is accompanied by specially selected songs for all MLBB players.

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