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It turns out that these are 5 Brother Heroes in Mobile Legends

OKEGUYS – As we can see in the current Mobile Legends game, there are different types of heroes, but do you know that there are multiple brothers and sisters in Mobile Legends?

Of course, some of these brothers and sisters also have backstories that are not much different because they still have a family status that ranges from ostracism to separation.

Hence, OKEGUYS will provide a number of brother and sister heroes in Mobile Legends. For those of you who didn’t know, you might be a little surprised guys.

Hero brothers in Mobile Legends

After the search, there are 5 heroes who have the status of brothers in Mobile Legends. This is very interesting for you to know.

1. Karina and Selena

Karina and Selena are brothers in Mobile Legends
Photo: SC: IlhamiFajri

Who would have thought that these two women with the same role as assassin-mage were actually brothers. Selena and Karina have a sibling relationship in Mobile Legends.

These siblings come from the race of the dark elves and Karina herself is Selena’s older sister. But in her story, Selena doesn’t remember having an older sister.

This happened because Selena’s memory was stolen by Abyss when she became his victim. Selena has also become possessed by the power of the Abyss that she cannot remember anything.

When the two met one day, Selena didn’t want to hear that Karina was her sister. However, Karina still remembers that she has someone in her life who is important.

2. Lesley and Harley

Photo: SC: IlhamiFajri

It’s also rare for Guys by Mobile Legends Players, Lesley and Harley to be brothers in Mobile Legends.

In the story, Lesley travels to the Land of Dawn to find her younger brother, Harley. These two heroes have the same last name.

Not only that, when you play these two heroes in a game, a special buff will appear on certain skills. Harley and Lesley themselves come from the Vance family.

3. Silvanna and Dyrroth

Photo: SC: IlhamiFajri

Who knows that Silvanna and Dyrroth are brothers in Mobile Legends? The story goes that Silvanna is a Crown Princess who has a sister named Dyrroth.

Similar to Karina and Selena, these siblings had to be separated as a small child, so that Silvanna did not know that she had a sister, and Dyrroth, on the other hand, did not know that she had an older sister.

4. Zilong and Chang’e

Zilong and Chang'e Brothers in Mobile Legends
Photo: SC: IlhamiFajri

The next row is Zilong and Chang’e, both of whom are brothers who are disciples of the Great Dragon in their respective stories. hero the.

However, the status of the siblings is still unclear, because from their life story Zilong is the adopted son of the Great Dragon, while Chang’e is the disciple of the Great Dragon.

5. Alpha and Saber

Saber and Alpha Brothers in Mobile Legends
Photo: SC: IlhamiFajri

The closest hero brothers are Alpha and Saber. The two heroes led by Dr. Ronney, the Mad Scientist, say Saber is Alpha’s brother.

The heroes who are supposed to be brothers were created in the same laboratory. But Alpha also has a twin brother named Beta, but his brother is already dead.

Well, those are some Mobile Legends heroes who have proven to be brothers. What do you guys think?

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