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It turns out that the petition to block free fire is supported by over 195 thousand people!

GAMEFINITY.ID, Singkawang – There have been rumors lately that the Free Fire (FF) game will soon be phased out in Indonesia.

It’s not the first time Free Fire (FF) is about to be put out, in 2021 it turned out that the rumor was also widely debated.

Netizens also began to open their voices, of course there are pros and cons to these rumors.

In fact, a petition called “Block / Limit / Fix the Free Fire Game for Damaged the Morals of the Next Generation of Indonesia” appeared stating that anyone who signs the petition agrees to the Free Fire being closed.

More than 195,000 people have signed

To date, the petition for an account called Fiqi AMD has been signed by more than 195,000 people.

“Thank goodness it’s incredible. In less than 9 hours there were already 20,000 signatures for this online petition. Keep improving by sharing with your friends / family and signing this petition so that our good intentions can be conveyed to the Indonesian Ulema Council and KOMINFO. So that Garena Free Fire can improve. Jazakallah “ Fiqi said in a written statement on Friday (04/23/2021).

This petition began with the viral video of a boy doing freestyle freestyle while prostrating in prayer.

It looks cool, but the problem is that these emotes are dangerous for them. In addition to disrupting the solemnity of prayer, imitating this emote also poses the risk of fractures in the arm and neck bones.

The content of the petition is as follows:

The more appropriate rating in the Playstore has been changed from 12+ to 16+ adults.
– Delete the push-up emote or change the word “do push-ups anywhere, anytime” from the emote.
– Create an age verification system in the Free Fire Game (by implementing a game break).
– Provide warnings / education in the game directly and in the community.

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