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Impressive! Riot Games Responding to Policy Issues from Mobile Legends Esports Team!

GAMEFINITY.ID, Salatiga – League of Legends Wild Rift developer Riot is now starting to talk about the policy issue of prohibiting the Mobile Legends team and organization from creating another Moba game division.

Previously spread Rumors that the MPL rules for the next season teams that have other Moba divisions are not allowed to participate in the MPL.

It turns out that rumor reached the ears of Riot Games Esports Project Manager, Ban “Chisin X” Chee. When he heard these unpleasant rumors, he finally responded through his Twitter account.

Ban Chee pointed out that Riot has never stopped esports teams joining the LOL Wild Rift league from opening other esports gaming divisions. Riot also gives freedom to teams with a LOL Wild Rift division.

“We received a lot of questions about the WR team in Indonesia. We want to reassure our players that Riot SEA will not prevent WR SEA esports teams from participating in other mobile esports leagues and we are empowering our teams to exercise freedom of choice in this area, ”said Ban Chee.

This clarification from the Riot Games Esports Project Manager is certainly very necessary to ease the fear of the teams overseeing both the LOL Wild Rift department and other departments like Mobile Legends.

As of this writing, Moonton had not provided any clarity or clarification regarding the controversial regulation. However, if this news is true, it can be pointed out that Moonton is looking to capitalize on the Moba Esports market in Indonesia.

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