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Immerse yourself in esports, Ronaldinho is doing a free fire tournament

OKEGUYS – Legendary soccer player Ronaldinho hosted a Free Fire tournament as well as a charity event, here are the total prizes!

Who doesn’t know Ronaldinho? This legendary footballer from Brazil probably knows who he is, almost everyone.

Although he has currently retired from the world of football, Ronaldinho has now stepped into and contributed to the world of esports.

It is said that Ronaldinho will be organizing a Free Fire gaming tournament to contribute to this industry.

Wow, what kind of tournament is Ronaldinho playing directly? Come on, let’s just see all the news folks.

Ronaldinho does Free Fire tournament with fantastic total prizes!

Soccer player Ronaldinho entered the world of esports and hosted a championship event called “Copa R10 de Free Fire”. The tournament itself begins on August 15, 2021.

There will be 8 teams competing for the winner of the Copa R10 de Free Fire tournament which has a total prize of R $ 80,000 or around Rp. 78 million.

Ronaldinho Free Fire Tournament

The winner of the first place receives prize money of R $ 30,000 or around Rp. 29 million of the total price. In addition, MVP players will receive an additional prize in the form of an iPhone 11.

As well as tournaments, this event is an opportunity for Ronaldinho to stand up for a charity supported by Garena and UNICEF to tackle child malnutrition in a number of countries.

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So there you have it, information on Ronaldinho who entered the world of esports and started a tournament and a charity event.

What do you guys think This legendary footballer’s activities are really cool.

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