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How to zoom out the mobile legend without root (drone view) – Mobile Legend is one of the online Android games that has more and more players until now. However, one of the downsides to this game is that it looks unsatisfactory or not wide enough.

This makes it difficult for many players to monitor the environment. To solve this problem, it is necessary How to zoom out Mobile Legend.

    Mobile Legend is one of the online Android games that until now there are more and more ways to zoom out Mobile Legend without root (drone view)

Most players use How to zoom out the mobile legend with the help of additional applications. One commonly used application is the Screen Resizer application, which can be downloaded from the internet.

However, the downside to this application is that it requires the player’s Android to be rooted first. For gamers who don’t want to root their cell phones but still want to play Mobile Legend more freely, you can try zooming out Mobile Legend without root in the drone view below.

How to zoom out mobile legend without root drone view

Downsizing Mobile Legend without rooting (drone view) can easily be done via the direct settings in the Mobile Legend game. So that players don’t have to root their phones or download additional applications to play the game comfortably. Here are the steps to shrink the mobile legend without root.

1. Open the Mobile Legend game application on your Android device.
2. Once opened, the next step is to go to the Settings menu which is available at the top right of the Mobile Legend game main screen.
3. You will automatically be taken to the Basics menu. If not, you can manually access the menu by clicking the Basics menu in the left navigation menu.
4. To reduce the size of the mobile legend, you can set it using the Camera Height menu option and adjust the settings from low to high.
5. This way you can set it during the fight by clicking the setting icon near the map.

with How to zoom out the mobile legend Above, players can more freely monitor enemies around them. So that players are automatically better prepared for the enemies who come and win the war.
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