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How to use Hero Aldous with Over Power

Aldous legendary
Aldous legendary

Aldous is a fighter hero who has physical damage, Aldous also has overwhelming strength and is good for late game or long term use.
In order to use the Aldous hero we need to be able to do the following so that you don’t become a burden while using Aldous

1. Assess the strategy of your enemy and team

As an Aldous user, you need to be able to predict, or at least see, your enemy and team’s strategy. If you choose Aldous’ heroes, you can become a burden as you lose easily in war.
Do not use Aldous when the enemy is using a stunning hero like Moskov, Eudora, Cyclops, Aurora, Chou, this enemy hero will alarm you as you will be easily stunned when you do ulti so it will be hard to defend the opponent to mess up.
Don’t use the Aldous hero also if there is this hero on your team, namely Nana, Diggie, because such a support hero cannot help you in the war, because Aldous is the one who is afraid of being the only ability, not the one Basic ability attack like Alucard

2. Kill more minions and jungle monsters

Yes, in particular, Aldous users need to kill vassals to increase the stack of your passive skills, stacks 3x faster than killing vassals with common basic attacks.
Aldous also has to farm as this hero is very weak if he loses level and gold with the enemy, so it is mandatory to take buffs

3. Aldous Build and Emblem

To use the Aldous hero we must not be wrong in preparing the build sequence that we are going to use, because if it is wrong we will become useless or burdened ourselves. For that, a suitable build for Aldous is as follows.
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Build Aldous
Build Aldous
  1. This Assist Gold shoe is designed to increase the amount of gold when we receive an assist when the opponent’s hero is killed
  2. Build Damage and Defense you have to buy Build Damage first as Aldous’ damage is very small and very difficult to kill in early game then the suitable damage builds are Blade of Despair, Endless Battle, Malefic Roar. Next up is build defense so that Aldous can become strong as a tank despite being hit by enemy gank attacks, namely Immortal and so on.

For the matching emblem it is the assassin emblem, the arrangement of which is as follows:

  1. Movement speed of the talent 3x
  2. Talent physical pen 3x
  3. Passive Talent Bounty Gold

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Aldous’ weaknesses

After discussing how to use Aldous professionally, we will next talk about the counterattack or antidote to Aldous so that if the enemy selects Aldous we can fight them easily.

1. Use Hero Stunner

What you need to know is that although the build is like steel, Aldous is very weak to stun and the following are heroes of the weakness of Aldous
Moskov, Nana, Diggie, Aurora, Cyclops, Eudora, Chou, Guinevere, Franco, Gatotkaca, Minotaur, and the like

2. Use Hero Attack speed Super lightning

It turns out that Aldous also has a lot of weaknesses, for example against heroes who have fast attack speed and LifeSteal abilities and to find out, here are the heroes
Alucard, Ruby, Guinvere, Esmeralda, Leomord, Roger, Moskov and many more

And this is how to use the Aldous hero by knowing the pros and cons, that we can figure out when the right time is to use this overpowering hero so that we don’t become noob players in Mobile Legends forever

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