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How to use hanabi with super damage

Legendary hanabi
Legendary hanabi

Hanabi is a MarksMan or MM hero who has the ability to make damage and attack speed so great that Hanabi can quickly and easily kill an enemy team to go insane or wild.
In order to use hanabi, here are some things you can learn to become a top hanabi player

1. Take all buffs

When the game started, hanabi was very weak, so she had to farm to level up and gold to buy equipment, and to do this, hanabi had to be helped to farm.

2. Use the correct build and emblem

For the build, Hanabi can use a build like the following:

Build Items Equipment Hanabi
Build Items Equipment Hanabi

  1. Swift Boots Speed ​​to increase his attack speed
  2. Scarlet Phantom is useful for increasing damage, attack speed, and critical chance
  3. Blade of Despair to increase damage and agility while moving
  4. Windtalker can help you increase attack speed by 40%, movement speed by 20, and critical chance by 10%.
  5. Endless Battle plays a big role in increasing damage, HP or blood, mana regeneration, movement speed and also your physical life stealing
  6. Vicious roar useful for increasing damage and physical pen by 40%, making it easy to crash even against tanks

or alternate builds like the following that I use a lot
Swift Boots – Scarlet Phantom – Desperate Blade – Endless Combat – Rose Gold Meteor – Berserker’s Wrath

For the emblem itself, we can use the MarksMan emblem arranged like this

  1. Physical attack talent 3x
  2. Critical talent damage 3x
  3. Electric flash talent

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3. Keep playing gank

Hanabi is very weak when playing alone, especially against a very agile and fast assassin or fighters like Hayabusa, Natalia, Alucard and Thamuz, so Hanabi should be in the back or middle position on the team as a Hanabi’s skills are of a wide range automatically by ricocheting his shot at every enemy

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Weakness of the hero Hanabi The MarksMan ninja woman

If you are playing against another team and you meet the user hanabi, you can do so to make hanabi helpless to the enemy

1. Buff Hanabi. disturb and steal

During the early game, Hanabi is usually in the middle lane killing the minions, after which she goes to the jungle to farm which is usually aided by tanks. Kill tanks or Hanabi when you have the time because when their blood buff gets very critical.
For heroes who are very good at disturbing Hanabi while farming, Hayabusa, Natalia, Hanzo and Gusion are because they are very good heroes, and if you are not an assassin user you can play ganks to take Hanabi’s buff .

2. The enemy Hanabi fears most

For example, the enemy hero most feared by Hanabi is a hero who has quick attacks and is difficult to stun
Alucard this fighter-assassin hero has the speed of a sword like the wind so it will be difficult to escape Alucard’s pursuit if he hits Hanabi even if you lose a one-on-one duel because you damage, Attack Speed, Defense, and Lifesteal
Hayabusa is the next hero of Hanabi’s weakness, it is easy for Hayabusa users to fight Hanabi especially if the Hayabusa user is already a pro, so they split easily so they don’t take any damage then he does ulti and kill Hanabi
The other heroes are Balerick, Minotaur, Uranus, Thamuz, Chou, Gusion, Natalia, Guinevere, Irithel, Claude and Esmeralda. They are strong heroes in the fight against Hanabi

3. How to get Hanabi. kills

Killing hanabi is not that difficult because we just need to disrupt the defenses of the hero protecting hanabi, here is the strategy
When Hanabi is at the very back of his team, we have to order our team of fighters or assassins to attack him from behind, and the most suitable for this task are Natalia, Gusion, Chou, Alucard and Hayabusa, while Hanabi takes the middle position in the battle , then our tanks and fighters must go forward and target hanabi to disrupt their defenses, for then you will easily win the war. Heroes suitable for this task are Balerick, Thamuz, Minotaur, Esmeralda, Guinvere, Uranus, Aldous. But when Hanabi is in the front position, you only have to attack them at the same time, this guarantees that all a team will be destroyed.

This is how you use Hanabi’s heroes correctly in order to become a strong competitor as a top player on the server and worldwide.

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