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How to try out new unreleased heroes in Mobile Legends

How to try out new unreleased heroes in Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends games are now the prima donna of Indonesian and world gamers, this game features a war strategy game that relies on teamwork and good skills for each player, none of which will achieve victory on the battlefield. You can try many exciting game modes and challenges, one of the favorites for Mobile Legends players is RANKED mode, RANKED mode is a popular mode as there are levels for players like Warrior, Elite, Master, Grandmaster, Epic, Legend , and the highest level is Mythic.

The Mobile Legends game has two server modes that are unknown to the players of Mobile Legends games themselves, generally for beginners, namely the Original Server and the Advanced Server.

Original server is the original server or is commonly used by Mobile Legends players while Extended server is a test server for the original server, or you can still call it beta. In this article, admind will discuss more about the Advanved server as it is related to the title of the article I created on the Advanced server which is How to Try a New Hero That Hasn’t Been Released in Mobile Legends.

There are so many benefits that we can get when we enter the Advanced server. So not only can we try out heroes that have not yet been released on the original server, but we can also try out new gameplay that is not yet available on the original server. Meet noob players, also called beginners, because they still don’t know there is an advanced mode menu.

To enter the Advanced Server, the conditions are quite simple, all players or players can enter when they have reached level 20 and above, the signal must be stable, the server is not full or there is still space.

How to enter the advanced server

How to try out new unreleased heroes in Mobile Legends

  • Before entering the Advanced server, you need to remember and be careful that you need to bind or link your Mobile Legends account to your Facebook account, Google Play game account or VK account in order to avoid the loss of your Mobile Legends account. Avoid accounts when switching to the Advanced Server.
  • After the above conditions are met, open the Mobile Legends game, which is the original version or the frequently used version.
  • Go to profile which is in the top left where an avatar or your photo is located if you replaced it with a photo.
  • After exiting the new menu, click on Account settings the one at the bottom.
  • After that, the extended server menu will appear at the bottom right, then click on and a notification will appear “the server has been changed, please restart the gameThen click OK.
  • The game will restart and wait for the update process to complete when the game update needs about 20MB of data and after the game is open it will need more data than when playing the Mobile Legends game for the first time.
  • The advanced server can already be played like the original server. To get the newest hero that hasn’t been released on the original server yet, collect enough BP to buy it.

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To go back to the original server the method is the same, later the Advanced Server menu changes to the original server menu, after returning to the original server you will update and download data again as when you first opened the game, but the data will not be lost since they have been bound or saved link to Facebook account or google play game account.

How easy is it So many articles of mine about trying out unreleased heroes in Mobile Legends, hopefully it’s useful. Thank you for visiting this blog. If you don’t understand something, you can comment on it in the space provided.