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How to stream Mobile Legends in high quality

OKEGUYS! For you Mobile Legends players who don’t know how to live stream.

OKEGUYS offers several options for those of you who would like to broadcast the game live on your Mobile Legends Guys.

However, there are also some requirements for the live broadcast to start.

Well, for more details, let’s look at some routes and conditions folks.

Live streaming from Mobile Legends

Live streaming from Mobile Legends
Photo: OKEGUYS / Burhanudin Ahmada

If you want to broadcast live on Facebook, you can do so right from the Mobile Legends game.

Moonton, the game developer for Mobile Legends, brought this feature into play.

So you don’t have to use an additional application to do this.

To do this, you can follow the steps below:

  • Select tab “Live broadcast“On the main page Mobile legends. If you have not activated it, you can click “profile” and “Stream info“. Then activate the option”Live broadcast“To activate it.
  • Later you will see which players are broadcasting live. Then you can choose Facebook bottom left. Plus how to live stream Mobile Legends Youtube can also follow this step.
  • To write title Your live broadcast and choose Video resolution what is desired. Then all you have to do is clickbegin” in the upper right corner. Make sure you are connected to the account Facebook and Youtube before we go guys.

Mobile Legends Live Streaming Terms

Mobile Legends Live Streaming Terms
Photo: OKEGUYS / Burhanudin Ahmada

Not just like that, guys, there are some requirements in order to start live streaming guys too.

These are the conditions:

  • Your rank or position must be at least Epic V.
  • You also need to equip followers in Mobile Legends with at least 1500.
  • Your credit rating must be at least 100%.
  • And for matches, you have to do 20 matches in a day, guys.

That’s it, folks, some avenues, and some terms for those of you who want to start broadcasting or streaming live on Mobile Legends.

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