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How to set enemy hero lock in Mobile Legends by turning on hero lock mode

Why do we need to enable the locked hero control function (hero lock mode) when playing mobile legends?

This is very important when we play, even if we don’t find the flavor code useful in the initial stages, but later when you start ranked mode and the level is high, it is really noticeable when the desire is other than Reality hehe.

As a small example: when we meet individual opponents, it is clear that we will fight and when our hero almost wins, it turns out that the opponent has taken the initiative to run away.

Of course we are tempted to see the opponent’s HP which is roughly just a hit and loses if you want to be left alone, right, hehe.

The problem arises here when we chase an opponent with a dying HP and when we start an attack it turns out that the servant fits and it turns out that the attack we started on the opponent’s hero in the minoin , already failed, friend hehe

Here is a sample display when we enter hero lock mode

If we have activated the hero lock mode and an opposing hero is at a certain distance from our hero, the hero image of the opponent is also displayed as shown above.

There is also an opponent’s HP status in the hero picture, so we can choose which hero to attack first.

To lock our opponent’s hero, just tap on one of the displayed hero pictures of the opponent, the hero will be locked automatically and our attacks will focus on the hero. Here is an example of the hero display we locked

Sample hero has been banned

There is a padlock symbol in the picture above the sun hero, which means that we have successfully locked the hero.

In some cases the hero lock mode is canceled, like when we fought against Lesley’s shooters, when we locked Lesley but Lesley activates the first ability that disappears for a while, our hero lock mode will go and we have to type again when Lesley reappears.

This enemy hero lock mode is very useful especially for players who use assassin-type heroes and fighter-type to help assassin heroes focus more on attacking enemy heroes who are the key to the game, such as main objective for assassin heroes to defeat.

How to enable Hero Lock mode

Setting the hero lock mode

  • Click the gear icon / Settings
  • Select control
  • Then scroll down to find their lock mode
  • Switch from off to on
  • Finished

Sometimes the first time we activate the hero lock mode we need to make adjustments as we sometimes forget to lock the opponent’s hero by tapping. I’m sure friends who don’t have the code will all get used to this hero lock mode and help you all win a game

So much information to share, hopefully this information can be useful to all of you, thank you