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How to register and start making money with the complete url shortener

How to Register and Make Money Using URL Shortener – Hi friends, how are you? On this occasion, I’m going to publish an article this afternoon about the highest paid URL shortener 2021. Does anyone know this ShtMe url shortener ?? You might just heard about this url shortener. Yes that’s right because this Shtme url shortener only opened a few months ago and now there are so many bloggers who have registered on this Shtme url shortener.

What is ShtMe and how does this ShtMe url shortener work? Here is the review. ShtMe is one of the best URL shortener based ads and has been proven to pay off their publishers. How this Shtme url shortener works is very simple, you just need to find the link or url you want to shorten. After looking for the link that you want to shorten, shorten the url / link on the shtme, then copy the results of the shortened url and append it to the desired article.

Info for Shtme:

The info I got from the shtme administrator is that the rate will slowly increase in January 2021, why not just increase the rate immediately, min? As I was afraid that I would not be able to pay the publisher quickly, I gradually increased the price for the shtme. For shtme URL shortener ad rate is now Rp. 15 / visitor (in rupiah, not in dollars). Payment by PayPal (shortly 01.01.2017), local bank and credit. 100% fast payment. You can see more information below.

Latest information from Shtme Update 2021 URL Shortener Ads:

It was announced that shtme publishers would be working on a new system in the form of CPA, CPI and Popunder (still considered). For those of you who have high or low traffic blogs or specifically download blogs, I suggest that you register with this url shtme ad.

How to Register Highest Paid URL Shortener 2021

1. Register on the official site

Then fill in the details of the registration form as required.

  • First name: (Please enter after your first name)
  • Last name: (Please fill in your last name)
  • Telephone / HP number: (Please enter a valid or active mobile phone number)
  • Email: (Enter according to your active email address)
  • Password: (Enter the password that will be used to log into your shtme account)
  • Confirm password: (Enter the same password a second time)

3. After you have filled out the registration form and registered. You will see a dashboard view in ShtMe. After that, you can see several menus from Shtme such as: B. Profile, My Links, Statistics, Recommendations, Payment Requests, Payment History (invoices) and the last support ticket.

4. Congratulations !! You have become a successful ShtMe publisher and can make money just by shortening the URL.

How To Make Money Fast With ShtMe For Beginner Bloggers

1. Look for links or urls.
2. After looking for some urls, go to the ShtMe site and one by one shorten the original links to the ShtMe url shortener.
3. If there are visitors or people who click on the link that you share or paste in the article, you will slowly start running into the cash register.
4. Good luck !! Good luck: D

Result of the short URL in ShtMe:

before shortening.

After shortening.

Proof of payment from ShtMe:

Maybe that’s all I can say about registering and making money on URL Shortener. If words are misspelled or difficult to read, I apologize for the inconvenience. Don’t forget to share it with your blogger friends.

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