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How to Play Mobile Legends (ML) Games on a Laptop or PC

Mobile Legends has become one of the most popular mobile games in Indonesia in fact. This is evidenced by the many competitions of this game which are both official and unofficial tournaments. The prize pool offered as the grand prize is pretty awesome too. For those of you who use a PC or laptop, there is a way to play Mobile Legends (ML) games that you can try.

Playing mobile games on a laptop or PC is of course very possible. It can even be set to the highest graphics, making it convenient for you to play. Mobile Legends itself, of course, when played on a PC must have the expertise to control its capabilities well. The reason for this is that it is a little difficult to control the skill with a controller or a mouse.

To learn how to play ML on your laptop or PC, see the explanation below. Also, remember that the specifications of the laptop or PC you are using meet the criteria for using the software to be installed later!

How to play ML games using the emulator

One way to play ML games on a PC or laptop is to use supporting software such as emulators. There are many emulators you can use. We recommend the best emulator that you can use stably. Please read the full statement below!

1. Using the Nox App Player Emulator

The first emulator that is very suitable for playing Mobile Legends (ML) on a laptop or PC is Nox App Player. This emulator already uses the Android 7.1 operating system, which of course supports running Mobile Legends. The specifications for smooth gaming are not too high either. How to install and play ML on the Nox app player.

  1. You must first install the Nox App Player until the installation process is complete.
  2. Then make the settings for your Google account so that you can enter the Google Playstore.
  3. Find the Mobile Legends application, download it and wait for it to finish.
  4. Open Mobile Legends, create a new account and complete the tutorial.
  5. Congratulations, you can play Mobile Legends.

This is an easy way to use if you want to play Mobile Legends on a PC with the Nox App Player Emulator.

2. Using the Bluestack emulator

Bluestack is one of the emulators that is also highly recommended for you if you want to play ML on a PC or laptop. The usage is the same as with other emulators. You will need to install Mobile Legends first until it is ready to play. To make it easier for you to play, don’t forget to set the control button correctly. The requirements of Bluestack for a smooth game are not too high either.

3. Using the KoPlayer emulator

KoPlayer Emulator is also an emulator that is quite light when used on a laptop or PC. You can use this emulator to play ML as the specs required are not too high for the game performance to run smoothly. Setting the control key itself is not too difficult. Highly recommended for those of you who have mid specs for the device you are using.

4. Using Memu Player

You should also try Memu Player for playing ML games on your PC or laptop. This emulator is very light and has been used by many gamers around the world. The advantage of using Memu Player is that not only is it lightweight, but it also looks quite simple, which makes it easier for you to use.

That is Ayoden’s explanation of how to play Mobile Legends (ML) on a laptop or PC. Hopefully useful and can be an interesting reference source for all of you. Keep visiting Ayoden for more interesting information!