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How to play Mobile Legend on a computer with an Android emulator

Playing Mobile Legend on Computer, is it possible? certainly can. Well, in this article we are going to discuss how to play Mobile Legend on PC / laptop. In fact, it’s not just mobile legends that can be played on a computer. All games on Android can be played on a computer. The most effective way is to use an Android emulator, but the Android emulator I highly recommend for playing Mobile Legend is Nox. This emulator is not only small but also light in performance.

Before I explain it in detail, it will help me first to explain this Nox Android emulator. This emulator acts as a replacement for Android on a computer. Of course, there is a lot of RAM when running an Android emulator. The minimum memory required to properly process this emulator is 2 (two) giga.

If so, if you understand we will move on to the topic, but you need to prepare:

  • Android emulator for computers (recommended Nox app)
  • Internet network
  • Computer laptop

When everything is set up, move on to the next step.

1. First you have to install the Android emulator as usual.

The method is very simple, just go on and on if you think the Android emulator worked. Although it looks simple, some of you who find it difficult may be happy to search for tutorials on the internet.

The advantage of the Nox Android Emulator is that it has a sleek look and of course it has the latest Android KitKat update. For this reason, I strongly recommend using this emulator.

2. Create a new Google Play account

It was not without reason that I said to create a new account, everything is aimed at avoiding problems with the login device. Google strictly prohibits the use of the same account on multiple devices. All of this is done by Google for security reasons. Instead of getting a security notification from Google every time you open the emulator, it is better to create a new account.

To create a new account, you need to enter the playstore in the emulator and then create an account as usual.

3. In the Play Store, search for Mobile Legend Games and Let’s Play

When all is done, the last thing to do is accept the Mobile Legend game on the playstore and wait for you to receive the game, then try playing for a while. And if you want to play it with your Mobile Legend account, you need to bind (bind) your account to your Facebook account. This process can only be performed on the legacy mobile legend device.

Now to play it on the emulator you need to open the Mobile Legend game as usual and then select the switch account to switch devices. And finally, enter your facebook which was already in binding before. This way you can continue your cell phone legend with the letters you got earlier and fight with the strongest hero in your cell phone legend.

Shut down

This is the short tutorial on how to play Mobile Legend on a computer / laptop. You need to know that playing games on a computer is more fun and enjoyable than Android because our leeway is wider and more satisfying. In addition, there are no more leg and leg words when playing.

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