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How to play the game between us

Hey Gamer, Among Us, which has become very popular recently, must have got you confused. So folks, “Among Us” is a game by Innersloth LLC that tells the story of a group of starship crews who will be on a mission. but without them knowing a thing or two. More so than they are, Silence is the ship’s traitor, your job and crew is to complete the task set or catch the traitor to win the game. Now that the game update doesn’t support Indonesian this time around Players who do not understand it, of course, confused as among us.

Do you know us?

When the game starts, the system divides the crew into 2 roles, namely crew member and cheater. To view all of the rooms on the ship, tap the map icon in the top right corner of the screen.

There you can see the rooms that are connected to each other on the ship, there are several rooms like the security where you can use the installed video surveillance to see suspicious things, you can also see where the missions are as crew members must be carried out.

So do you know the difference between the two?

Crew member

Crew members are groups of crews whose job it is to repair the aircraft, e.g. B. Repair cables, remove trash or shoot space rocks. Of course, each crew has their own tasks. “As a crew, you also have to report in an emergency if you find any clues as to who is the cheater on the ship.


A cheater is a person who becomes a traitor or cheat on a plane. If you become a scammer, you won’t help other crew members fix the aircraft, but you can still argue in an emergency. As a scammer, you can remotely sabotage equipment on the plane, use the ventilation to move locations, and silently “kill the crew” while on the plane.

How to play

Well folks, you already know the difference between crewmate and impostor. Since this game is divided into 2 teams with different roles, the plot of this game is also different.

When you become a crew member

You and your friends are given multiple missions to complete. When all of these missions are completed, the crewmate team will be the winner. Eits … the game. You can mesabotage the machine at any time. There is space. You have to fix the machine quickly or the Impostor team wins. Impostor is also capable of killing crew members, so if you suspect any of the crew, report them by pressing the 911 button.

When the button is pushed the whole crew gathers to find out who the scammer is, now folks, Among Us is having fun here. You need to be able to speak smartly in the chat room so that other crews don’t misunderstand you, because sometimes there are crews who misunderstand other crews until they eventually throw the wrong person.

When you become a cheater

You can win the game if you kill the crew on the plane or sabotage a machine and the crew don’t fix it. To sabotage an aircraft engine, click the sabotage icon (bottom right of the screen), then select the engine that you want to destroy. You can also obstruct the player’s view by sabotaging the electricity in the section. If you kill someone, you can use the ventilation to quickly change rooms. Eits, you have to be careful not to get caught by other players because they can recognize your actions and you can only defend your innocence to survive.

If you are killed by a cheater you will not leave the game but become a ghost or ghost character where you can only walk around the map to complete missions but cannot be seen by other players. You can still join the chat room, but you cannot communicate with them.

Okay guys .. you already understand how to play Among Us, even if you are impressed with the slander game, but don’t get too excited to play this game😂. For those of you who like my content today, share it with your friends and if you have any questions just leave a comment below and I will hopefully remember I’ve responded. Okay guys. I will say goodbye first. and see you ..

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