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How to Grow Crabs for Cooking by Genshin Impact

Crab or crab is a very necessary cooking ingredient. With crabs, you can make something like Adeptus Temptation, Calla Lily Seafood Soup, or Baked Vegetable Pie.

Crabs are very difficult to find, they can only be found on the beach or in watering holes.

Here I tell you how to get a lot of crabs quickly, you can get a lot of crabs this way.

To get crabs, I suggest you have such a party. 1 Kaeya, 2 Anemo Traveler characters, Sucrose Venti or Jean and 1 Barbara. Use Kaeya for running, 2 Anemo characters to reduce stamina consumed, and use Barbara skills to reduce stamina consumed.

You can also eat Barbatos Ratatouille, Cream Stew, Lotus Seed and Bird Egg Soup, or Zhongyuan Chop Suey to reduce your stamina expenditure by 20-35%.

First route

Teleport to the map in the picture above and go to the one I marked, fly and aim the camera at the small island.

When you get there, go to the right of the beach and start collecting crabs or crabs. You can get around 22 crabs. But in this place you will find a ruin guard, you can avoid the ruin guard attack or fight the ruin guard, but my advice is that you avoid all attacks and focus on looking for crabs or crabs.

Second route

You will get more than 15 crabs or crabs on this second route. Keep using Kaeya for running.

Go to the location in the picture above and start looking from top to bottom. You will find a lot of monsters. Avoid all the monsters that are there to save time but if you want to defeat them go ahead but I suggest you don’t.

Third route

Teleport to the Boss geo map and go down and you will get some crabs or crabs at this point. There are lots of enemies here, avoid any enemies present and focus on looking for crabs or crabs.


You can buy crabs or crabs from the fishmonger’s in Liyue. You get 5 crabs or crabs for 1200 mora

So this is the route to breed crabs or crabs in Genshin Impact. In fact, there are other places where crabs or crabs are raised, but I think that’s quite enough for cooking. and this brood of crabs every day, so you can get lots of crabs every day

If you find a better route, please comment below.

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