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How to get Moco's AK47 skin on Free Fire

OKEGUYS – Would like to get skin newest weapon in FF? How to get the AK47 Moco skin on Free Fire, really cool!

In this article, OKEGUYS will discuss how to adapt the AK47 Moco weapon to the design of the skin that’s cool.

So, all the more curious, if that’s the case, see this article in its entirety.

AK47 Moco Skin Display on an open fire


So you can’t wait to get it skin This is where OKEGUYS will discuss looks first, folks.

Skins AK47 Moco guns come in a variety of looks as they have a slightly bright color and there are also cool patterns in certain places.

This weapon has quite a few color combinations, we just call it colorful. Interested?

Of course, if you really want it you have to fight, guys. Let’s go to the tutorial to get it.

How to get Moco’s AK47 skin on Free Fire

How to get the AK47 Moco

Well, now we’re going to take the steps to make this cool Free Fire skin available at the event. Here is a guide.

  1. Please go to the menu first Events > Battle Royale rewardsIn it there are several missions that you have to complete in order to get skin the.
  2. To get however skin that has requirements, guys, what is it? ie you have to achieve Gold rank in Battleroyal Season 20 mode People.
  3. Now that you have achieved the required rank, you can get the AK47 Moco, Guys weapon skin event. Simple, isn’t it?


The event Garena shared is very special folks because this skin that looks really cool, is given out for free and only does very light tasks.

If you complete a few tasks and requirements, you can already get this cool AK47 Moco skin.

But what do you think of this AK47 skin? Is it cool or just plain According to OKEGUYS, it’s Keren, it’s already free, hehehe.

Well, that’s all from OKEGUYS on how to get the AK47 Moco skin on Free Fire. Thank you for reading this article to the end, don’t forget to follow other interesting articles only on OKEGUYS.COM.

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