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How to get magic crystals in Mobile Legends - Magic Wheel Event

– Until now (09/20/2017) Mobile Legends has released at least 2 legend skins, namely skins Saber – code name: Storm and skins Miya – Modena butterfly.

So, to get this skin legend, you need to be able to get yourself a magic crystal from the Magic Wheel event to then trade it in for a legend skin.

How to get Magic Crystal in Mobile Legends

To get magic crystals that can be used to purchase legend skins, you need to provide at least 12,000+ diamonds, or around 3 million rupees to get 1 magic crystal. Go to first Shop, then click on the magic wheel menu in the lower left corner.

Then just turn the magic wheel until you get 1 magic wheel. If you are unlucky, you will need to provide over 12,000 diamonds to receive 1 magic crystal.

After you have received 1 magic crystal, you can exchange it for 1 skin legend in the magic shop.

So, in order to get the Legends skin from Mobile Legends, you need to invest a lot of capital in order to be able to get the existing legend skin. Of course, the exorbitant price tag is worth 1 skin legend, which comes with an edge avatar straight from every legend skin you get. Source

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