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How to get free fire diamonds

Who wouldn’t want Diamonds in the Free Fire game? Of course not, because every player who plays in the Free Fire game surely wants to have cool skins. Because with cool skins, players will usually be more excited to enjoy the game.

Before we dive into how to get free diamonds in the Free Fire game, let’s first know what exactly is diamond? Diamond is a real money transaction tool used to purchase Free Fire game skins. Diamond also has a well-known term that is “Item Cash”. If you understand enough what diamond is then check out how to get diamonds for free.

The first way to get free diamonds – join the event

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The first way to get Free Fire Diamond for free is by attending “Events from Garena”. Please note that developer Garena is one of those game developers who can be described as quite large. So don’t be surprised if they frequently share events like Free Free Fire Diamonds free distribution at the events they run.

Now the question is, how do you know the event is happening? The answer comes from the “Free Fire Community” as well as the “Garena Forum” itself. If you continue to follow the updates mentioned, you will automatically know when Garena events are taking place. Then the free Free Fire Diamonds will automatically fall into your hands.

The second way to get free diamonds – money making apps

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The second way to get Free Fire Diamond for free is to use the “Money Making Application”. Why should you use a money making app? because, as we have already informed, this diamond is a cash item that real money is used for in order to be able to buy it.

So the term is that the money you have (rupiah) is converted into money in the free fire game (diamond). So, if you come to the conclusion that you can get free money by using a money making application and exchange it for diamonds in the Free Fire game, then you will be able to automatically buy and receive updated skins afterwards. The essence of this second method is that you must carefully do what the money making application tells you to do.

The third way to get free diamonds – website points

How to download Free Fire on PC 1

The third way to get Fire Diamond for free is to use the “Web Points Site”. By and large, method number three actually has the same essence as method number two. All you need to do is complete the tasks listed on the Web Points site. After that you will get some points which you can collect later to buy diamonds in the Free Fire game.

The difference is that the second method gives you real money, while the third method gives you a point that can be accumulated. Real money with points is the main difference, but they both offer the same, which is a way to get Free Fire Diamonds for free with minimal effort.

Fourth way to get free diamonds – take part in the giveaway

Free fire mod

The fourth way to get Free Fire Diamond for free is by following the “giveaway”. For method number four, it is actually necessary to use luck. Since the so-called “giveaway” cannot be obtained through exertion alone, luck must also follow.

Giveaway is an event that is usually run by shops, youtubers, influencers or Garena himself to give away prizes (in the form of Free Fire Diamonds) to lucky players. As we said before, to get a giveaway takes effort and luck. Your job here is to try and hope that the giveaway falls into your hands. If you didn’t manage to get the giveaway today, don’t give up and who knows, you will manage to get the giveaway tomorrow.

The fifth way to get free diamonds – Enter tournaments

Free Fire Server will be closed

The final or fifth way to get Free Fire Diamond Free is by entering “Garena and Community Tournaments”. At tournament events like this, it’s definitely more hassle-free, which means you have to be a player who really enjoys being in the community and often reads the information on the Garena forum yourself.

After that, don’t forget to make friends to play with so you can take part in these tournaments. Because you could be the players Indonesian esports teams are looking for. Recall! Successfully joining the Indonesian esports team means your career path in the Indonesian esports field. If you are lucky, your name will become a legend at Gamers Indonesia!

By following the five methods above, players will be able to receive Free Fire Diamonds automatically. After getting diamonds, players don’t forget to spend them. This way, you can have cool and unique skins without spending a dime. That’s all of the information in the Gamefinity article entitled “Listen to 5 Ways to Get Free Fire Diamonds Free That You Can Try” and don’t forget to share.

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