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How to get Beatrix's newest hero in Mobile Legends

OKEGUYS – Mobile Legends has just arrived with its latest update, version 1.5.62, in this latest version Moonton presents the latest hero figure who seems to dominate the game for the next few weeks, who else if not Beatrix.

Beatrix’s name has been predicted to rival Lesley’s heroine since early 2021, and the nightmare is finally here.

The newest hero Beatrix advanced sniper

Unlike some other Marksman heroes, Beatrix was developed with skills that cannot be underestimated.

The first skill to look out for in this hero is Mechanical Genius. This skill allows Beatrix to choose two of the four available rifles to bring into the combat area.

Ha? Four weapons?

Right folks, the hero nicknamed the “Dawnbreak Soldier” is armed with four types of rifle, namely shotgun, sniper, SMG, and rocket launcher.

Can you imagine how sadistic this hero is?

Despite having a wide variety of weapons to choose from, Beatrix can easily switch weapons with the Masterful Gunner skill.

With so many rifles, does Beatrix have different ultimate abilities?

The answer is yes!

Beatrix ‘ultimate skill will adapt to the rifle used, for example if you are using a rocket launcher you will have the ultimate skill “Bennet’s Rage”.

Latest Hero Mobile Legends Beatrix
Photo: Kompas.Com

With this skill, Beatrix is ​​able to devastate an area five times in a row, and enemies in the area are subjected to significant damage and a slowing effect for a few seconds.

In addition, Beatrix is ​​endowed with exceptional escape skills. This skill is called “Tactical Reposition” so don’t be surprised if this hero really does become a rival to Lesley.

Hero Beatrix Prize and Official Date

You can purchase this hero in the latest Mobile Legends update starting today (3/19). You only have to pay 32,000 battle points or it can be 599 diamonds.

Yes, that’s the standard price for this Gokil hero. Interested in trying it out?

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