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How to enter Mobile Legends Advanced Server

Advance Server Mobile Legends

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expression extended server Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is no longer a foreign concept. In the midst of Moonton’s many innovations, this server is useful for testing items as well as new pre-release features on the Mobile Legends server you are playing.

This server is rarely used as most players focus more on increasing their rank hero new Mobile Legends officially released.

However, it cannot be denied that sometimes the curiosity that arises from hearing the term extended server That.

Well, for those of you who have been with MLBB for a long time but have never tried it, you have to give it a try! At least so that you know what this feature looks like.

Besides, if you try that extended serveryou will find out later Heroes unpublished leak server Original, you know!

To be able to enter server In this case, you must first meet the following conditions!

Conditions of participation extended server Mobile legends

server it is quiet

Advanced servers it is not intended for many gamers. So when a lot of people access it server you will find it difficult to enter. Hence, first you need to make sure that server is in a calm state by trying to enter at a quiet hour (e.g., dawn).

Smooth internet connection

Before access server In this case, also take a look at the status of the internet connection used. Using a smooth connection will make things easier for you server. A good connection is in the 30ms range.

Account has been reached level 20th

For those using a new account, it is better to undo it. Because enter extended server Mobile Legends, the account must be in level 20 or more. Focus on improving level first if you don’t meet the requirements.

What is inside extended server Mobile legends?

Advance server

Attempt items New

As we know, Moonton is developer Games that often do Update. In server here you can try with hero recently tested or white Update Others.

More Up to date the end server original

Every items/ features or anything published in Mobile Legends will appear first extended server. So that’s why server you can say more Update the end server Original that many gamers use.

There are often bonuses

Another benefit of server In this case, you can get a bonus that cannot be obtained on server normal. Bonuses come in the form of hero or skin that you can try right away. That one advantage could make you want to try to enter right away server That.

So enter extended server Mobile legends

  1. Enter the Mobile Legends game, then open your profile and select Account settings.
  2. In the lower right corner, notice there’s a button Server test. Just press the button until you see a warning with information about it. appears Extended server, then press Enter.
  3. The Mobile Legends game will work automatically Restart. Then an announcement appears. You can read first and then press Update now and gonna make a game Restart once again.
  4. In this phase you have successfully registered extended server. You can immediately try the feeling of continuing to play server different than usual.

Back to server original, can be opened Account settings. Then press the button Original server, You automatically switch to server often used.

It’s really fun when you play along extended server with another new sensation. But alas, when you’re at it server that can then not play with friends who are still there server Original.

So it’s a shame it’s better in server original mabar can do with friends, friend.