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How to Enter Advance Server ML 2021

How to Enter Advance Server ML 2021
How to Enter Advance Server ML 2021

ViralOkay – Hello Mobile Legends fans, this time we are going to discuss how to easily and quickly access the Advance ml server.

You need to know that Mobile Legends game is a 5 vs 5 Moba game with many variations of heroes and it requires good cooperation and teamwork to win the game.

Mobile Legends is one of the most popular MOBA games on Android / ios with millions of users all over the world including Indonesia.

This game by Moonton has become one of the international esports events that took place in late 2021.

Before we dive into entering Advance Server ML or Mobile Legends, do you know what Advance Server is?

What is Advanced Server?

The Advance Mobile Legends server is a server that is used to run game development tests prior to being released on the original / global server.

The server you are playing on is generally the original server while the extended server is a server under test.

This testing phase itself includes testing the latest features of the game as well as the latest patch updates.

Includes the release of new heroes, new skins, new game modes, upcoming events and bug fixes in the game.

By running the Advance server, the ML developers will find out, through surveys and also criticism from players who have tried the Advance server, what is missing in the update they are about to release.

An assessment, such as adjustments and improvements to these deficiencies, will later be made from the suggestions given before they are published on the original server.

In fact, not only do Legends mobile games have or are releasing expanded servers, but many other online games use advanced servers as an experimental stage.

For example other competitive games like AOV, Free Fire and many other games.

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Benefits of attending Sever Advance ML 2021

Now that you know the importance of the Adnvance Server through the explanation above, how about the benefits of getting into the Advance ML Server.

Of course, you have its own perks when trying to join an advanced server, such as:

  • Get the latest updates from the Mobile Legends game
  • Know the new heroes that will be published on the original server
  • Know the new skin that will be published on the original server
  • Find out the latest event, which will be published shortly on the original server
  • Learn the latest buffs, customizations, nerfs, and features from ml. know

With the above advantages of getting the information you can take advantage of it.

For example, try the newest hero and you will have learned it on the pre-server so you can already use it on the original server when it is released.

By knowing how to enter the ml Advance server, you can prepare for upcoming events.

How to Enter Advance Server ML

Next, enter the server ML. You don’t have to worry about how to enter the server ML.

Since access to the Advance Server ml is quite easy, you don’t have to worry about losing your logged in account.

Because when you enter the Advance server, your account is not deleted, but appears to be parallel 1 on the original server and 1 on the adv server with only one account.

The first time you step into the Advance server, you’ll feel like the first time you step into Mobile Legends, starting with creating a game name and tutorial.

After that, you’re free to do anything, of course, see the updates that are released, or just be curious and try it out.

How to Enter Advance Server ML
How to Enter Advance Server ML

How to enter the pre-server ml 2021

  • First, enter the Mobile Legends game, use the account you have already signed in as usual.
  • then go to profile your account, then choose Account settings, then choose Test servert, press next OK for confirmation.
  • The game will then be reloaded and you will enter the pre-server.
  • You will be asked to choose a flag and create a nickname.
  • After that, you need to follow a little tutorial on mobile legends until it’s done.
  • After the tutorial is complete, you can start checking what is on the Advance server, e.g. B. new heroes, new skins and others.

Well that was how to enter the Advance Server ml, it’s very simple, isn’t it.

You can also easily go back to the original server, just like entering the extended server, just do the reverse.

Then log in again and return to your account as before.

The last word

This article is first to get started with Advance Server ML 2021. Hopefully it will be useful for readers, especially those looking to try out advanced servers.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on our latest updates on Thanks for your visit.