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How to defeat the game guard often forces close

How to overcome Game Guardian often force close on Android – Yo, how are your player friends. This time I want to share with you how to deal with rangers who force-close or force-close often after you want to use them. Okay, you just follow the tutorial below. Gas!

How to beat the newest game guardian often forces close
How to overcome Game Guardian Force Close

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1. You have to delete the Game Guardian app in the Parallel Space / VirtualXposed Buddy.

2. If you’ve deleted it, reinstall Game Guardian in Parallel Space / VirtualXPosed.

3. Then open Game Guardian, which you previously installed.

4. After opening start and open the game you want to cheat, here I am using the Free Fire Game.

5. Next, take a look at the hack. Here, my friend, first activate the hack script before you start the cheat.

6. Then my friend starts the cheat if you have executed the hack script and 100% WORK Game Guardian does not force it to close.

Example: Cheat Game Guardian / Free Fire

note: For other games like Growtopia, PUBG Mobile etc that often force-close. Please uninstall Original Game Guardian and Original Parallel Space / VirtualXPosed and then try again. (Download the latest version).

Okay so many articles over How to overcome Game Guardian Force Close. If there is something you don’t understand or need to ask, please comment below and I’ll answer the question as best I can. Thanks for your visit. Greetings gamers!


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