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How to create a video blur / sensor effect in Kinemaster

How to create a video blur / sensor effect in Kinemaster – Hello friends. On this occasion, the admin wants to tell you how to use the Kinemaster editing application to create a blur / sensor effect on a video. As we know, Kinemaster has a lot of features that we can use to edit a video including the soft focus / sensor effect.
How to create a video blur / sensor effect in Kinemaster

Beginners who have just used the KineMaster editing application must be very confused. How to create a blur effect on a video or on a video background. But don’t worry, creating a blurring effect is very simple and not complicated. Just follow the tutorial below.

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1. First, download and install the KineMaster application on your Android phone

2. When it’s installed, just open the application and go to the Add Project button. You will then be asked to select the ratio. Choose according to your needs, but I recommend 16: 9.

Choose the aspect ratio in Kinemaster

3. After that, go to the “Media” menu and find some videos you want to edit and click the check mark

4. Then my friend edited the video first so that the video flow ran smoothly.

5. When it’s done we go straight to the stage to obscure the content of the video

6. Enter the menu Layer> Effects (FX)> Basic Effects> Gaussian Blur / Mosaic Blur

Select the Blur Effects menu on KineMaster

7. When you have chosen which blur you want to use, simply adjust the length of the blur by moving it as needed

Note: Before applying the blur effect, you can try adjusting the blur effect in the settings menu

8. Finally, my friend just clicks on the menu Lock / check mark left and right of the Kinemaster application

9. Done

So the article on how to make a blur effect on a video in Kinemaster. Hopefully it will be useful and don’t forget to share it with your friends who don’t know how to blur effects in Kinemaster. Thanks for your visit. Regards editor


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