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How to create a permanent full version of IDM (Internet Download Manager)

How to make IDM (Internet Download Manager) permanently free full version – Okay folks, for those of you who normally download via the internet download manager and then the trial period is over, calm down, this time I’m going to share an event to make your IDM or internet download manager a permanent free one Make full version so it can be used forever without other glitches.

How to create a permanent full version of IDM

Let’s just watch the tutorial guys how to make idm permanently active Full crack version 2021 2021.

1. Make sure you have downloaded IDM (Internet download manager).
2. Then make sure that you have switched off / disconnected your Internet data connection (laptop or computer).
3. Then, my friend, open the IDM trial version that needs to be registered and enter it like
First name:
Surname, surname:
serial number:

How to get a free serial number for the Internet Download Manager
  1. 1B0C2-NOGKB-AH0DH-W8R3C
  4. 1XL56-8BB1L-TTQII-89DFX
  5. X33SI-6BW37-SQG4D-FGN8M
  6. 1O6SO-LOOFL-ZFW66-EIF97
  7. UXX3S-9N0NT-M74X0-DESMI
  8. W3J5U-8U66N-D0B9M-54SLM
  10. GZLJY-X50S3-0S20D-NFRF9
  11. 629U7-XLT5H-6SCGJ-2CENZ
  13. F9TZ9-P6IGF-SME74-2WP21
  16. N0Z90-KJTTW-7TZO4-I27A1

Serial Number Internet Download Manager Free / Free !!!

How to get the serial number Internal Download Manager (IDM)

4. What we need to be able to use IDM for free is participation serial numberbeing. How do I get the serial number for the Internet Download Manager?
Don’t worry, this time I have several serial numbers that I got from different sources. So you can use it freely.

5. Then select one of the following serial numbers, copy and paste it into your internet download manager.
6. Then OK.
7. Then, my friend, open Windows Explorer and look for the folder C: // WINDOWS – system32 – driver – etc – hosts
or so C: / WINDOWS / system32 / drivers / etc / hosts

How to make IDM free forever

8. Open the hosts file with NotePad.
9. Next, look for the code called “localhost” (you can find it using CTRL + A then CTRL + F, write “localhost” and then hit Enter)
Copy the following code under localhost earlier.

10. In the last step, try to get your internet connection back and download some.
Much luck!

Okay folks, that’s all from the article about How to create a free full IDM version (serial number) 2021. If any of you still don’t understand or understand, feel free to comment below and I’ll try to help you. Thank you.


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