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How to: create Hero Grock items in Mobile Legends

Grock is the newest warrior in mobile legends with a tank role, his build items are almost similar to other tank heroes. But this time I will not only explain the build items of the Grock warriors, but also the guide or guide, hopefully this warrior can be very useful when bought. At first I thought this swordsman wasn’t useful, but after testing and testing his skills, this swordsman was really useful to the team.

It is possible for this warrior to be on the list of the best tank warriors in my opinion, it’s all about building and improving him. This hero is in the shape of a stone and has a large body. When watched without his tips and tricks, this warrior even his ultimate ability looks very useless. But wait, to get the most out of this Grock warrior you need to have a style of play that suits the circumstances. Yes, when the time is right, this warrior will be very useful. Before discussing how to properly use Grock Warriors, you need to first see which build items are suitable for Grock Warriors.

The strongest Grock Hero Guide Tank version

In forming a Tank Warrior build, the first thing we need to do is see if the hero has a quick coldown or not. If it’s fast, it means he needs to have at least one mana regeneration at the start of the game. And it turns out that this Grock warrior is very wasteful with mana in his game. So the combination of magic and defense is very suitable for this warrior, further details can be found in the drawing.

Guide Hero Grock and tips

Items or equipment suitable for Grock warriors include Athena’s Shield, Tough Boots, Immortality, Demon’s Advent, Bloodthirsty King, Heart of Steel. All of these gear can aid your defenses when deploying a Grock Warrior. The tank is the guardian in combat, if the defense is weak it is very detrimental to the survival of the team. But for the combat spells, I highly recommend using flicker or healing.

Tips on how to use Hero Grock easily

Of course, when you use this warrior you will think that Grock’s abilities are of no use at all. But when these skills are combined with teamwork and timing, this warrior is very difficult for the opponent. The tips and tricks I’m sharing don’t guarantee you can win because winning is luck.

  • collaboration
  • Take up a position with the stun / mage / fighter
  • Use skill 2 to catch our opponent in our tower
  • If you want the ultimate, use Skill 2 then Skill 3 and aim the enemy at the wall for damage then Skill 1.
  • Always see the minimap
  • Never go alone, except only in the tower area
  • Always protect your friends when they are critical with the Skill 2 barrier
  • Build full defenses in the late game

A few tips from me to make Grock Warriors easy to use, all of these tricks are only useful when you get a teammate who can be invited to collaborate and is not friendly. To avoid any mistakes in team selection, I suggest playing with your friends or your squad. If you’d like to request a full damage build for this Grock warrior, just politely comment in the column provided. But I recommend the tank version of the item build for Grock Warriors.

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