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How to create a custom matchroom in PUBG Mobile

How to create custom matches in PUBG Mobile

How to Create a Custom Matchroom in PUBG Mobile (Mabar With Friends) – Okay guys. It’s been a long time since I updated this page and this time I want to tell you about the PUBG Mobile game that is booming right now. Now PUBG mobile has a new feature, namely the ability to play with friends as opponents, namely the custom matchroom function.

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How to Create a Custom Room on PUBG Mobile – There is also a new mode that has just been updated, namely FPP (First Person Perspective) mode. In this mode you can only see your hands and weapons, just like in the Point Blank game and again in this mode you cannot peek or press the button to look right or left.

For those of you who want to play with your friends, you can instantly create a custom room on Pubg Mobile and play together. Try turning on voice chat to make it funnier and funnier. Okay, let’s just go ahead and see how to create a room or custom match on Pubg Mobile.

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Vital signs!: Before you can create a room on this Pubg mobile, you must have updated your Royale Pass. To upgrade the Royale Pass, you must have UC balance of 600 UC / 150,000 rupiah.

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When you enter PUBG Mobile, keep looking for the room menu, then click on the room menu and select Training.

How to create a custom matchroom in PUBG


Select Create Room (in the lower right corner) then fill in the required information for the room details. Then you succeeded create a PUBG Mobile room Secure !!

for How to charge PUBG MobileIf you want to buy 600 UC you can go directly to the shop and buy with prepaid credit or you can also buy with unipin and the price is listed.

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Okay, that’s all brother tips how to make a room / custom match on Pubg MobileDon’t forget to comment if someone wants to ask or doesn’t understand and also if you have other problems or want to request other tips, you can comment below and I’ll do it right away. Thank you.


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