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How to Create and Use a Genshin Impact Portable Waypoint

The portable waypoint gadget is a new feature released by Genshin Impact in patch 1.1. With Portable Waypoint you can create your own teleport location.

When this tool came out there was a lot of controversy as it would transform the journey in Genshin Impact with the Portable Waypoint. But everything changed after this feature was really released.

How do I get a portable waypoint?

To get the portable waypoint you will need a reputation in moon city to reach level 6 and if so you will get the portable waypoint blueprint and anemo treasure compass. Use it to create a portable waypoint.

You can get a reputation after your Adventure Rank reaches level 25.

Materials needed

  • 1 Dead Ley Line Sheets
  • 2 Luminescent spine
  • 5 chunks of crystal

How to get materials

You can find Dead Ley Line Leaves by defeating the level 40 Abyss Mage. You can also get them through crafting.

You can get Luminescent Spine in the wild, you can only get Luminescent Spine at night.

You can get crystal chunk from mining. In Stormterror Lair you can get a lot of crystal chunks

Once you have all of the materials, go to a craft bench and create a portable waypoint

How do portable waypoints work?

Portalble Waypoint lets you teleport anywhere, you can teleport straight to Crab Island or straight to the top of the mountains.

Q: Are portable waypoints permanent?

A: No, you can only use the portable waypoint once, and if you want to do another teleport you will need to create another portable waypoint. The term of the portable waypoint is 7 days.

Q: Is it possible to create more than 1 portable waypoint?

A: No, you can only create a portable waypoint once.

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