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How to change PUBG mobile account name for free

How to change the nickname of the newest PUBG mobile account – Yo, this time Mimin wants to tell you again how to easily change the account name in PUBG Mobile game on Android. This PUBG mobile game is one of the most popular Pubg games that is now being played by teenagers and YouTubers. Because in this game we have to survive to be the only survivors and get chicken food.

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How to change the PUBG mobile account name
How to change PUBG mobile name

How to change the unique PUBG account name
– However, it must have been the first time my friend experienced it with this game. My friend carelessly gave me the name of my Pubg cell phone, then my friend thought about changing the name of your Pubg account. Yes, here are mimin tips on how to easily change the nickname of your Pubg account name. Straight to 🙂

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Okay buddy. Before you can change the name of your Pubg mobile account. You need to check first whether your Pubg game is version 0.4.0 and above or not. If so, after updating to the latest version you will get some new features and also some awards given by Pubg Mobile such as: Battle points, Loot box, Parachute skin and ID (To change your pubg name)

note: If you’ve updated on Version 0.4.0, but did not get an ID. You can complete the first 10 missions to get ID own friend.

Changing the name of pubg mobile is very easy and straightforward. Just open buddy Inventory / backpack / bag Friends in Pubg mobile game then select the box area and then ID. Click Equip / Use / Use on IDbeing. Then enter the name of the friend you want to replace with the new one.

note: To change your Pubg nickname, you can only change your Pubg name once a day.

Okay, maybe that’s all I can get you across in the article How to change pubg cellphone name. Hopefully it will be useful and don’t forget to share it with your friends or your Pubg Facebook group. Hopefully chicken dinner.


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