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How to Beat Mobile Legends Voice Chat Without Sound

OKEGUYS – Issues like Voice Chat Mobile Legends are silent, this can happen very often with ML players.

Multiple updates to the Mobile Legends application could also be causing the problem. But there are still ways to work around it.

Curious what to do if the Voice Chat voice is lost? See the explanation below.

Solution to overcome Mobile Legends’ lack of voice chat

With the emergence of this problem, of course, many questions arise and are so varied. One of the questions is how to solve it?

1. Complete the update process in the app

One of the reasons Mobile Legends Voice Chat is dumb is because of the unfinished update process folks.

When the time for the update process in the application has not yet finished and you have played Games, then there are some problems that will occur because of the resources of Games something is not resolved there.

2. Use the resource checker function

Mobile Legends Voice Chat is missing

If the problem persists and the resource isn’t ready when it is download, then you can switch to the resource check function.

You can find it in the menu settings > Network discovery, then you go to the tab Resource check Then press the Check button.

3. Clear the app cache

Oh, in addition to the method above, you should also try deleting Cache here guys. Cache This could also be the cause of some issues in the Guys app.

Therefore, if there are problems, e.g. For example, if the Voice Chat is not displayed, you can delete it Cache These people.

How do you go to the features Resource check then choose Clear cache tab and press the button Click Clear Cache.

4. Delete app data

Delete mobile legend data

Well, one way to solve the problem is to wipe Guys’ application data.

But it can be said that this is a fresh install like it was guys from the beginning, and it certainly takes a lot of time. However, this method can solve any problem in the application right away.

That way, you already know how to solve the missing Mobile Legends Voice Chat. Try the simplest thing first, which is clearing the cache.

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