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How to Automatically Start Bot Response Latest Facebook 2021

The newest automatic response method for Facebook bots – Hello Facebooker friends. On this occasion I would like to share with you how you make fb bot react automatically. Have you ever liked a post on fb? Of course, some people did. But for some people there are those who are lazy about liking the status even though it comes from friends, friends, or other people.

Because liking a post or status is very boring unless we like or give reaction emoticons to our crush’s account, hahaha, spam doesn’t get boring, it’s okay, hehe.

Auto-Bot Response FB

If you are looking for tools or bots that can automatically like, emoticons for automatic reactions, automatic comments, etc. Of course, because increasingly sophisticated technologies can make it easier for us to access social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others, or to do many things .

The tool mimin will be using this time is a tool called Bot auto-reaction fb. By using this tool, we don’t go to the hassle of liking or responding to emoticons on a status or post. Especially for those of you who want to raise the status of auto like fb, please feel free to try the following article right away.

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Here, mimin gives you two options, so just follow the tutorial until it expires to be successful.

If you haven’t downloaded Termux yet, you can download it directly from [DISINI]


1. First update your Terminal or Termux.

$ pkg update && apt upgrade

2. Install git to get the React fb script on github

$ pkg install git

3. Since this auto-reaction script was created with the PHP programming language, we have to install the PHP compilation.

$ pkg install PHP

4. Install curl

$ apt install curl

5. Clone FB bot tool from github

$ git clone

6. Go to the FB Bot directory

$ cd FB react

7. Then change the back extension to extendable

$ chmod + x start

Remarks: This auto-responsive fb tool, you just need to log in with this tool and don’t worry because using this tool you will not be hacked in a safe way. In addition, you do not need to enter your fb token as it will automatically fill in the fb token.


1. Run the startup file.

$. / start

2. Enter your fb e-mail and your password. (Guaranteed safe and won’t be hacked)

3. Then choose which number you want to respond

4. Then select the type of reaction you want, e. B. Auto Like, Auto Love, Auto Sad, and the like and type “Yes” without quotes, then type.

5. Next, enter the number of statuses you want to react to, up to a maximum of 100. Then enter and the bot will run automatically until it finishes.

To check if the bot is running or not, you can see it in your Facebook activity log.


1. First, download the bot response script below

2. Then change the name of the previously downloaded script to Reaction.php

3. Open and edit the file reaction.php in the section:

// Login data
$ this-> pass = “YOUR FACEBOOK PASSWORD“;
$ this-> email = “EMAIL YOUR FACEBOOK“;

Enter your Facebook email and password and save.

4. Upload to cpanel / hosting, you can use free hosting like 000webhost or look for other free hosting on google.

5. Setting the cron job during 5 minutes

6. If so, all you have to do is check whether the bot response is working or not. You can check the Facebook activity log.

This is the article about How to make bot response automatically fb. Hopefully it’s useful and don’t forget to share with friends or groups discussing fb auto-reactions. Thank you.

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