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How to automatically set Break in Growtopia No Root 100% WORK

How to automatically set Break in Growtopia No Root 100% WORK – Okay, player friends this time, I’ll share it with you guys How to automatically take a break on Android. puts. How to automatically pause on Android This is one way we can make it easy for ourselves to destroy all farmables or to project or massage ourselves.

How to automatically pause Android Growtopia
How to automatically add Android to the latest Growtopia 2021

How to Automatically Put Break on Android Growtopia 2021 – 2021 Latest – I have proven this method of automatic put-break in Growtopia and it is better and more relaxed than having to use the services of 1 hit or 1 hit yourself. For 1 hit in Growtopia we need a fuel pack or pickaxe to get 1 hit. For the automatic put pause without using Magplant and Rayman, I will also give you the following method. Okay, let’s just go straight to the auto-put break in the latest GT.



1. You need to download the application first to automatically click pause here>Download>

2. When you have downloaded the application, open it, then click “GRANT“which is part of the overlay entitlement. Then activate /Make possible the settings are such that they can be used (there is no save.dat, so don’t worry, this application is from a company, so don’t be afraid of hackers or the like)

3. Then click on Back / Back twice. Then click “STARTLook for the name Auto Clicker Click from Disabled to Enable Accessibility.

4. Back then. Here is a selection of different menus. You look “Start – multi mode“Click the Settings menu. Click rate you switch to25th” then Click length so “5“.

5. Click “Start – Multi Mode” again and a menu will appear on your friend’s right hand side.

6. Open the Growtopia application and log into your account.

7. You can see the rest in this video. Link>here

for This is how you automatically set breaks in Growtopia without Rayman and Magplant You can watch the video here>look here

Okay, that’s how to automatically insert a pause in Growtopia. Hopefully it will be useful and don’t forget to share it with your friends and don’t be stingy haha. Thanks for your visit. If someone wants to ask a question and doesn’t understand it, please comment in the comments section. 🙂


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