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How long is the penalty in Mute Mobile Legends

Are you one of those Mobile Legends gamers who are tired of seeing other gamers keep using dirty, rude, and inappropriate words aka Toxic? Don’t worry, this article is your answer to face other player insults that are very toxic in Mobile Legends.

Muting is one of the new features in Mobile Legends that allows you to defeat Toxic gamers. The mute function is aimed at making Toxic players a deterrent or can be called a punishment for them. For gamers interested in learning about Mute in Mobile Legends, please read this article so that you understand.

Reasons Doomed to Mute Mobile Legends

Punishment in Mute Mobile Legends

The reason the Mobile Legends player is being punished in the form of mute chat is because they used harsh and unkind words, e.g. Players who use inappropriate or poisonous words can try to complain by reporting the player in question so that they will be punished later in the form of mute.

Mobile Legends game party is very serious about punishing players caught with venomous words. They even say they mean business by preparing a system that can identify inappropriate words. Players who repeatedly use the word Toxic will receive a penalty in the form of mute chat with a sufficiently long duration.

The Mobile Legends game party deliberately made rules not to use harsh words as the Mobile Legends were hoping for a clean and healthy game from the players in Mobile Legends. If you know the cause of the mute, what if it’s already muted? Read on to understand that in Mute Mobile Legends, it will take a long time to get rid of punishment.

How long is the penalty in Mute Mobile Legends

For those of you Mobile Legends players who have been muted due to your mistakes, whether intentional or unintentional, has a question on your mind such as: B. How long does Mute Mobile Legends last? To answer this question, let’s first explain the specifics when you are punished in the form of mute chat. If you are muted, you will not be able to chat with your players or friends in the Mobile Legends game.

The punishment in Mute Mobile Legends is a serious move from Mobile Legends. Not only will Toxic players be muted, but their creditworthiness will be reduced as well. Muting and credit degradation are penalties that are considered pretty severe, why? Because in addition to your creditworthiness, you will also be muted for 2 hours. If you are muted for 2 hours, you will not be able to chat or do other things to interact with other players.

Hopefully this article can be a lesson for all of you, especially players who are often poisonous in Mobile Legends. Share so that this benefit is known and disseminated to many people. We have completed the article “Listen to Some Long Penalties in Mute Mobile Legends and the Causes” by Gamefinity. Please continue to visit us at to receive our other informative news articles.

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