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Hero Mobile Legends Venom Squad

The discussion on the topic of Mobile Legends is endless indeed, because Moonton’s game often features new heroes and also pretty cool and innovative hero skins. Playing ML with the same heroes and skins only increases the boredom in the game.

Get another ML Hero and don’t forget to get the skins too. Because with many variants of Hero and Skin, the game becomes even more exciting. In accordance with the title we have assigned, you then immediately refer to this article on the subject of Venom Squad in Mobile Legends.

Here are 5 Mobile Legends heroes entering the Venom Squad

Mobile Legends Venom Squad

Who are the selected heroes to enter Venom Squad in Mobile Legends? Here is the review:

  • VENOM Lizard – Grock: Grock was selected to be a member of the Venom Squad. Grock Venom Lizard itself has a history as one of the results of experiments created by Hero Mobile Legends Harley.
  • VENOM Vespid – Angela: Angela is a member of the Mobile Legends Venom Squad. Angela joins Venom to seize the SABER Squad’s Magic Cube code
  • VENOM Octopus – Harley: Harley is included in Squad Venom, he’s the mastermind behind Grock who joins Squad Venom. Harley also intends to steal the Magic Cube.
  • VENOM Nephila – Hanabi: Hanabi is a member of the Mobile Legends Venom Squad who decided to join because he lost his brother. Hanabi’s only goal is to destroy the SABER Squad, which is what causes her brother to die.
  • VENOM Emperor Scorpion – Gusion: Gusion is included in the Venom Squad because he has a story about the failure of his SABER Squad. Gusion enters Venom and becomes its captain with the intention of taking revenge for his mistakes.

And these are the 5 heroes who joined the VENOM Squad in Mobile Legends. Both Grock the Lizard and Captain Gusion, the five were a very strong and dangerous combination. All of you must have the five Venom Squad Hero skins, both as a collection and as a complement to your game features.

How to Get the Venom Squad Mobile Legends Skin and Price

Now that you understand and understand the five Venom Squad Hero members, the next step is to get the Venom Squad Mobile Legends skin in the Mobile Legends game. One way that doesn’t require luck is to buy it from the Mobile Legends store if it’s available, or the existing online store and Venom Squad Mobile Legends skin are available. The estimated price we saw in the online shop ranged from RP 85,000 to RP 150,000 for every poison skin that is given.

Draw is one way you can try to get the Venom Squad skin. As with other events, but different. This event is in the shop and is called the Aurora Summon Event. You can try drawing with a 1% chance that you will get the permanent skin from Venom. Once you draw you will need 50 diamonds or 50 COA but the price may be different if you only draw half the price with a limited time. For 10x is a tie 450 diamonds or 450 certificates of authenticity.

This is Gamefinity’s article entitled “5 Mobile Legends Heroes Who Enter Venom Squad and How to Get Their Skins”. Don’t forget to share and keep visiting us at so that you can receive news articles from our other information.

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