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Hero Mobile Legends Skin STUN

Mobile Legends has finally released 3 heroes who will be part of the STUN roster, whereby the three heroes will be equipped with STUN skins, STUN skins are also played by artists or cosplayers from Indonesia. You need to know that STUN is a virtual music group in Land of Dawn ML that was formed to wrap up the 515 eParty event, themed Together We Achieve More.

The three heroes released with STUN Skins include heroes with roles as fighter, assassin / mage, and sniper. Who are the three heroes? And who is the artist or cosplayer from Indonesia who plays the three heroes? We invite you to listen to the end of this article so that you know.

Mobile Legends Skin Stun

First STUN Hero Skin – Chou, played by Jonathan Liandi

Chou is a hero fighter who will be part of the STUN squad. Chou was selected because the hero may be very popular and have a lot of fans in Mobile Legends, which makes him one of the heroes named as members of the Mobile Legends STUN team or group. Another reason is that Chou is very well suited to be played by Jonathan Liandi with the STUN Mobile Legends skin suitable for Chou.

Skin STUN Mobile Legends Chou is played by Jonathan Liandi or commonly known as the Imperator. Jonathan or Emperor is a former Mobile Legends pro gamer who is quite famous. He played on a famous team called EVOS Esports. Jonathan’s role as skin STUN Chou is as a dancer, skater boy for a rapper who has friendly and enthusiastic feelings or nature.

2. STUN Hero Skin – Selena played by Rachel Florencia

The fans of Hero Selena Mobile Legends can be proud, because this hero with two roles as assassin and magician has been appointed and selected as a member of the STUN Mobile Legends squad. The second talent has been revealed and is played by a beautiful woman named Rachel Florencia. Rachel Florence is considered very suitable and matches Selena’s STUN Mobile Legends Skin.

Skin STUN Mobile Legends Selena is played by Rachel Florencia, Skin STUN Selena herself plays a role in STUN, namely as the main singer of the STUN members. Rachel Florencia is considered suitable to play Selena, the main singer of STUN, because Rachel Florencia is a singer herself, she also has another job as a presenter to become one of the brand ambassadors.

Third STUN Hero Skin – Brody played by Uus

The final Mobile Legends hero chosen to be a member of the STUN team is a hero named Brody. Brody is a Hero Marksman whose presence in the Mobile Legends game is still fairly new, but his new presence in Mobile Legends can make him one of the heroes who have been nominated and selected as a STUN member and now have a skin from STUN.

Rizky Firdaus Wijaksana, or commonly called Uus, is quite a famous comic book. Uus is an artist or cosplay character who will play the Brody STUN skin. Uus will play Skin STUN Brody because it is considered suitable and suitable for Uus, starting with looks and other things. Skin STUN Brody himself is a character figure who acts as a DJ and rapper in the STUN music group.

Let’s have the three STUN skins in Mobile Legends, both Chou, Selena, and Brody STUN skins. You get the three STUN skins by purchasing them or through events in Mobile Legends. That’s it for this article, titled 3 Mobile Legends Heroes Who Get STUN Skins with Cosplay Artists, from the Gamefinity article writing team. Don’t forget to keep sharing, keep visiting us at to receive news articles from our other information.

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