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Here is Windah Basudara's answer to toxic Indonesian Mobile Legends netizens

GAMEFINITY.ID, Singkawang – Brando, or who is often known by the name Windah Basudara, seems to have been actively playing the Mobile Legends game with his fans on Youtube lately.

The RRQ team’s brand ambassador is known for using Lapu-Lapu heroes a lot. This hero drives Windah Basudara wild in the Land of Dawn and often easily clears the trail.

As a brand ambassador for the RRQ team, Windah Basudara admitted to following the development of Indonesian and international esports. When asked by Jonathan ‘Emperor’ Liandi, he admitted that he had also seen MSC and that the game was funny.

Disappointed with netizens

Windah Basudara admitted that he was disappointed with Indonesian internet users who misbehaved at the largest Mobile Legends tournament in Southeast Asia.

Windah stated that she was quite sad to see the game’s live chat full of toxic Indonesian internet users.

But unfortunately it’s very toxic, worry our viewers, brother, the problem is like the Philippines versus the Philippines, there are so many viewers who are still watching and defending each other’s teamssaid Winda.

Of course, this should not be taken lightly. Indonesian Internet users need to correct their attitudes immediately, which can embarrass Mobile Legends players in Indonesia.

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