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Here are 6 mandatory heroes for the latest season of Banned Mobile Legends

OKEGUYS – On this occasion, I am going to tell you that the hero needs to be banned in Ranked Playing Season 18 and why the hero needs to be banned.

It doesn’t feel right folks, the mobile legend of the Moonton-produced MOBA game entered season 18. How do you guys from season 1 play? Surely each of you already understands which heroes have to be banned in season 18 folks.

Since a banned hero system has been introduced this season, each team will have the option to ban 3 heroes that overwhelm skills or durability in battle.

These are the heroes you need to ban in season 18

By performing forbidden heroes with great damage and skills that are pretty effortless, it will help you win the game easily guys.


helcurt-6 Hero must be banished Mobile Legends

That hero assassin needs to be banned folks, because Helcurt has very high burst damage early and late game.

Helcurt also has a passive Silence skill that can make it difficult for his opponent to negotiate one-on-one with him.

Another factor that makes this assassin banned is the ultimate ability which is very tedious by creating a dark map and limited visibility for his opponent for 3.5 seconds.

With Helcurt using his ultimate skill, all we can do is predict that this assassin will be ganked, poked, or used to escape.

The point is, you have to stay vigilant and always look at the minimap, folks.


Barats is a new hero this season folks, and why should that hero be banned? Yes, because this hero has a tank destroyer role that can be used to become a tank or a fighter in a match.

Due to its very high durability, this hero is often used as an offlaner or fighter.

One must also pay attention to this passive ability of Barats, folks, the more Barats grows, you should avoid being one on one with him.

If you want to fight, doing a team gank is highly recommended. Aside from providing added defense, Barats’ abilities will hurt more too.

Hence, as an assassin, mage, or sniper, you should avoid barats while at war.

Because the ultimate of Barats can eat the hero of an opponent who is an important hero like Hyper Carry.

So your chances of winning the war will be very difficult.


Uranus 6 heroes must be banished from mobile legends

Uranus is the favorite tanker in the current meta, folks, but with the Hyper Carry meta, its position has shifted to a sideline or an offlaner.

But who would have thought that with the shift of Uranus as an Offlaner, this hero has even become one of the most popular Offlaners today.

Due to its high durability and HP regeneration, Uranus can also be relied on as the currently strongest offlaner, as it is able to survive against hostile gangs.

If the enemy thanks him, Uranus can at least give his team space to farm or force them to find another lead.


6 heroes need to be banned

This one magician hero is no less great, Esmeralda is one of the most popular tank mage heroes in the current meta.

Due to its high durability and shield absorption, Esmeralda is often used as an offlaner. In addition to having great durability, Esmeralda has a shield absorbing ability that can withstand the damage of her opponent.

No wonder Esmeralda is often used as an addition to tanks in the current meta, rather than as a center lane, as well as a mandatory hero banned in season 18.


Hilda is one of the Tank Fighter heroes, often played as an Offlaner, this hero has high durability and damage.

Hilda was recently redesigned by Moonton, so Hilda is played as an offlaner more often in the current meta.

Not only does this hero have the ability to absorb shields in the bush, but he also has an ultimate ability that can kill an opponent’s core hero.

Hilda’s ability depends on the number of assists or kills in the match. The more assists or kills Hilda has, the higher the damage.

Next is Hilda’s passive skill. This skill regenerates HP and activates shield absorption when Hilda is in the bush.


Khaleed is also one of the new battle heroes in Mobile Legends. Hero warrior complete package with sick damage, high durability and reasonably balanced mobility.

This hero is endowed with the ability to burst damage and get high HP regen just like other Offlaners in general. Basically, Hero Offlaner has a high HP regeneration skill.

Khaleed is also armed with his ultimate abilities which are area and crowd control (which immobilizes the enemy).

Well, that’s an explanation for 6 heroes to be banned from Mobile Legends in Season 18. Which hero do you think is the hardest to beat?

Hopefully this article can be useful and a good resource for Legends mobile gamers.

Author: Arif Prasetyo

Editor: Ilhami Fajri

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