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Get ready, PUBG PC is rumored to be free to play in August

GAMEFINITY.ID, Singkawang – Good news for PC gamers, a rumor has it that the PUBG game for PC will be free or free.

This news was originally distributed by PlayerIGN, a medium that often leaks information about the PUBG game and that is trusted by many.

According to PlayerIGN, the decision of the developers will depend on the enthusiasm of the players, i.e. they will simply “check the waves”.

Rumor has it that Krafton will be making his game available for free in August. The test activity will supposedly last a week. If the majority of the players are positive this week, Krafton will likely make this PUBG PC game free forever.

PlayerIGN said that Krafton actually wanted to make the game free to play in 2021, but apparently they weren’t getting much of the reaction they wanted from players.

For Krafton and the PUBG Corporation, it makes sense to return to this “wave review” activity considering that PUBG was not as popular in 2021 as it is today.

Until this article was written, there was no definitive information from Krafton or the PUBG Corporation about PUBG’s free leak.

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