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Get the epic skin of Khufra Volcanic Overlord in Mobile Legends Epic Showcase Draw only

GAMEFINITY.ID, Jakarta – Mobile Legends: Bang-Bang this time Gambling title Epic showcase. By doing Events this time you have the chance to get the grand prize, namely the epic Khufra Volcano Overlord Skin. In addition to Khufra’s epic skin, you also have the opportunity to receive other no less interesting prizes, such as Harith Savannah Cat Skin, Karina Spider Lily Hero Skin, Balmond Savage Pointguard Hero Skin, Halloween 2021 Border Avatar, Large Horn and many more.

Join Events In this case, you need to follow some of the existing rules, namely:

  1. There are two possibilities to draw: Draw 1X and Superdraw
  2. Tap Draw 1X for the chance of a prize of Price pool Normal rewards and super rewards
  3. Twice to draw first Draw 1X get a discount every day. The number of diamonds to be issued can only be 0. be
  4. Tap Superdraw will do a lot to draw automatically until you receive a Super Reward. The cost of the diamonds required varies depending on the quantity to draw what was done for Superdraw This. The Recommended Diamond Fee is the theoretical amount of diamonds you might have to spend on each one Superdraw.
  5. After you’ve earned the amount, you can claim a number of Showcase tokens Super gift for sure
  6. Each showcase token is treated as 1 diamond to draw
  7. Every gift in Price pool only available once
  8. If you receive a gift in the form of a skin that you already own, the skin price will be changed into a series of skin fragments
  9. moment Events expires, unused showcase tokens are deleted.

As? The prices are interesting, aren’t they? Fast refill Your diamonds and follow Eventsin the Epic Showcase because Events It’s only been seven days since this article was written.


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