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Genshin Impact Android version! Here are the minimum specifications

Genshin Impact Android was released just a while ago.

For those of you who want to play this RPG game, you must be curious what the minimum requirements are Smartphone to play the game Genshin Impact.

This time around, Okeguys will be fully checking what the minimum requirements are to be able to play the game. Curious, right? Come on, check out the full review below.

Specifications for playing Genshin Impact GamesGenshin Impact game specifications

With an adventure typical of RPG games with stunning graphics, players are guaranteed to feel right at home at the Genshin Impact game.

But you also need to know that a game with stunning graphics is surely in direct proportion to a smartphone’s specs, right?

The official Playstore page shows that the game Genshin Impact does not place high demands on smartphones.

They revealed that at least one smartphone must be running Android version 5 and above to play this game.

Not that hard, is it?

They also added that smartphones are highly recommended to use four smartphones for optimal gaming Vein as well as GPUs, guys.

Although the graphics are very appealing, it turns out that this game can be played by many Smartphones, most.

For those of you who like Genshin Impact games up to 60. want to play Frames per second, Of course it’s different, yes.

you need device higher so you can play smoothly.

In addition, the smartphone must also have a battery with a capacity of over 5000 mAh, as it requires a lot of power to play in this context.

Genshin Impact Android game download size Genshin Impact Game download size

Not only smartphones that have to be fast, the internet network that you use also has to be fast, yes.

The reason for this is that you need to download at least 5 to 6 GB of game data in order to play this game.

A measure that can result in your data packet being exhausted immediately. Haha.

Available free of chargeGenshin Impact Games Playstore

Relax, this game is available for free!

Although the size of the game is quite large, of course you will be satisfied playing this game.

In addition, you can play this game for free by simply downloading it.

How about you, are you interested in playing the Genshin Impact Android game? Good luck and don’t forget to share this information on your social media, okay?

To share this information, yes.

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