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Garena produces food with a Free Fire Theme Wrap like BTS Meal, Hoax or Fact?

GAMEFINITY.ID, Singkawang – Recently, social media has been churning up with the new menu of a fast food restaurant that has long lines at McD Jakarta. The new menu is BTS Meal, the result of a collaboration between McD and BTS.

This particular menu was hailed by the Army as big fans of BTS. This was evident because the army was excited to buy the menu, which resulted in long lines at McD. As a result, several McDs in Jakarta were closed for ignoring the existing Prokes.

Recently, however, a picture popped up showing the Free Fire-themed fast food packaging. Is this news true?

Free fire-themed food wrap

A photo recently circulated showing the design of a Free Fire-themed fast food package. This photo makes Free Fire fans, especially those who are underage, excited and wondering about the truth of the photo.

Upon investigation, it emerged that the photo was from an Instagram account called @ You were the first to design fast food packaging in the photo.

Investigate, it turns out the photo is just a joke for and its followers considering the talk about BTS Meal a lot. That means there wasn’t any fast food partnering with Garena to make Free Fire-themed packaging until this news item.

When did Free Fire start working with fast food companies? Let’s just wait and see.

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