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Free Fire was viewed 72 billion times on Youtube, the top 3 in the world

GAMEFINITY.ID, Bandung – In a pandemic like this, many people engage in activities such as gaming, watching movies, or watching gameplay in certain games. Usually a lot of people watch the gameplay of new games like Resident Evil Village Call Of Duty Cold War, Returnal and many more. However, did you know that the Free Fire game is viewed 72 billion times worldwide?

That’s right, this Free Fire game has been viewed up to 72 billion times. Based on the latest data from Google, Garena Free Fire was ranked the 3rd most popular game in the world with 72 billion views in 2021. With this third rank, the Free Fire game has beaten the GTA game with 70 billion views and Fortnite with 67 billion views, although the Free Fire game is still inferior to the Roblox game which is second with 75 billion views and Minecraft Place is at the top with 201 billion views.

Although Free Fire’s position is third, but in live streaming games Free Fire’s position is second, beating Fortnite, GTA and also Pubg Mobile, in this live streaming Free Fire competes with Minecraft that always still comes first. Even in 2021, Free Fire ranked fourth with 30 billion views, an impressive number as a battle royale game loved by many children and teenagers. During this pandemic, Free Fire views grew to 40 billion views, this is not really a small amount to watch games like Free Fire.

In 2021, Indonesia ranked 3rd as a contributor to Free Fire Game Views, ranked 1st and 2nd by India and Brazil. Not just watching gameplay or Free Fire content, but also watching Garena Esports events like the Garena Free Fire Continental Series Grands Finale, which defeated the Arena Of Valor group audience on Stage Day 3.

Can this be used as pride that many people watch Free Fire games up to 72 billion times to beat popular games like GTA and Fortnite, or as an example that many people like mobile games versus PC games.

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