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Free Fire really works with BTS?

GAMEFINITY.ID, Jakarta – In the social media world recently, there has been an issue with the collaboration between Garena’s Battle Royale game, Free Fire, and BTS. Yes, BTS is a boy band from South Korea that is very much loved by teenagers all over the world until now. So quite a few are wondering whether this collaboration is true?

Based on the information we reported from the GGWP site, the rumors about this collaboration were originally uploaded from a Facebook social media account called Free Fire Collab Posting. Through his contribution he shows the unique collaboration of the Free Fire game with different brands or well-known personalities.

Not just BTS, they’ve also released a Free Fire collaboration with the Somat Family, Indihome, KFC, and even BPJS Health. From this it can be concluded that the information circulating that Free Fire will be partnering with BTS is a joke. Though quite a few Free Fire players want this collaboration to actually take place.

Garena herself often works on the Free Fire game. Several famous anime films like One Punch Man to Attack on Titan have also collaborated with this game. Thanks to this collaboration, Free Fire has managed to win the hearts of gamers all over the world.

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