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Free Fire Project Cobra: New characters, events and other changes

GAMEFINITY.ID, Jakarta – Free Fire just released the latest game patch and the next big event, Project Cobra. The event features a new in-game interface, a special interface and a range of in-game missions with exclusive Project Cobra prizes that are given away for free.

Project Cobra brings a variety of interesting features, including the release of a new character, Shirou, who can constantly evolve in battle. As he increases his level, his power comes out in the form of a cobra. This makes the character more visually impressive as they look strong and dangerous.

Survivors involved in this event can collect Cobra Coin Tokens in exchange for Project Cobra-themed prizes. Additionally, the new Bermuda Remastered map introduced in The New Beginning will be available in many popular game modes such as Team Deathmatch and Clash Squad during Project Cobra.

Along with the launch of Project Cobra, Free Fire brings another major update. These include Clash Squad Season 5, the new Dynamic Duo System, updates and adjustments to the training grounds, and significant changes to the social system.

This update makes it easier for Survivors to invite others to their games and to accept or decline group invitations while they are in the game.

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