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Flip flops become the newest melee weapon in Free Fire

GAMEFINITY.ID, Denpasar – It seems that the Free Fire developers are very creative people, just imagine a melee weapon that we didn’t expect to be released for the next update. Yes, the weapon is flip flops, a very ultimate weapon for mothers.

Free Fire has many flavors of weapons that can be used by its players, from pots, sickles that are very thick with Indonesian characteristics, even katana. All of these weapons have one thing in common, which is the same as sharp objects. Flip-flops aren’t a sharp weapon, but at least we often see these flip-flops become a “weapon” in the real world, right? It will definitely be effective.

This leak was spread by Free Fire World from its youtube channel, in the video you can see the look of this flip flops gun and see how these flip flops work.

Looks like you can jump shot with flip flops and of course this flip flops pistol has very high sharpness because you can kill your enemies with just one throw. Despite its blunt shape, it is a very sharp weapon.

It is not known exactly when these flip flops will be released, it seems that there will be an update in August when the Free Fire comes out. It is also unknown how players will get hold of this melee weapon, but at least this is a content update that will be very interesting.

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