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Facts and Truth Free Fire Haram

Haram is forbidden, it can be in the form of objects, words, efforts, results, animals, etc. that are not halal. In different countries today there are types of games that are considered haram, such as games that involve God or the gods of each, or games that are Sara or racist, violent and have other evil or evil effects.

It is rumored that Free Fire is a battle royale game that is considered haram by some people. I don’t know on what basis anyone declares free fire haram. However, the news about Free Fire is still illegitimate because the news is still questionable as to whether it is true or not? With this confusion, we are going to clarify the facts and the truth about the Free Fire game. Is the game illegal or not? And please close after reading this article.

Why is Free Fire Haram called?

Why is the Free Fire game called an illegal game? Free Fire is illegal because, according to some people, the Free Fire game contains several elements that are not good, such as the presence of elements of violence where Free Fire’s weapons, especially melee weapons, are massacred with a brutal system useful. The next element is the presence of pornography as there are several female characters wearing very minimal clothing that is considered disgusting for certain groups of people.

Although the Free Fire game is a kind of battle royale war game that is basically about shooting enemies and surviving, some people think that Free Fire is bad because the game is a theme of war and violence that is like terrorism. The next thing that is often heard from other games is that the Free Fire game is considered mentally disruptive, adult, etc., especially for minors. And that is why Free Fire is called haram and please read on, is it true that Free Fire is haram?

Is Free Fire Really Haram?

You all need to know that anything or anything rumored to be haram must be seen and studied first, is it true that the news is not a lie or a joke, through research first and so on. The right to declare haram is the MUI. If something is haram then the MUI will issue a haram fatwa, is it true that Garena’s game is called Free Fire Haram? And is it true that the MUI issued an illegal fatwa on Free Fire and added the Free Fire game to the list of haram games?

The answer that Free Fire is haram is a lie in which there are irresponsible people trying to manipulate the news that Free Fire is haram because the MUI issued a Haram fatwa on Free Fire. It has also been said by that the MUI issuing a fatwa that is banned for Free Fire is a manipulation because according to the facts sought there is no media to say it is for the Free Fire game forbidden is. For more details, you can check the facts and truths through the website or other trusted media so that you know whether or not the Free Fire game is illegal.

Our advice to you when responding to a message is to be careful if you decide to believe it, as many hoaxes or messages with bad intentions are manipulated, either for personal gain or to promote the good image of something destroy . And so many articles from Gamefinity called “Free Fire Haram? Let’s check the facts and truths about the Haram of Free Fire, “don’t forget to share this article to provide an answer that Free Fire is Haram to others, and don’t forget to visit our website at as well to get other information.

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