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Fact Check: Give Free Diamonds?

OKEGUYS – Let’s check the facts and the truth. Is it true that the website is giving you free diamonds?

For those of you survivors who want really cool items and skins in Free Fire but don’t have the money to buy diamonds, save up first.

Have you ever seen an obscure website or website that says you can get free skins or diamonds? If so, please be careful guys.

One of them is the website, which has a generator built in that is supposed to trick you into getting diamonds for free.

Wow, is it true that the site can make diamonds and items available to your Free Fire account for free? Better we check the facts from the website, folks, before there are victims.

Fact check website confirmed phishing practice

Check the Diamond Eventsfreefire2021 free website
Photo: OKEGUYS / Jati Manggala

After doing a fact-finding and fact-checking, OKEGUYS would like to say for you that survivors tempted by free Free Fire skins and diamonds on the website, Better be careful!

When you enter the site, you will see a generator that has a number of cool items and skins, as well as diamonds of different denominations that you can get for free.

After clicking on the item or number of diamonds you want, you will be directed to log into your Facebook account linked to the Free Fire account.

Check the Diamond Eventsfreefire2021 free website
Photo: OKEGUYS / Jati Manggala

However, never sign in with your Facebook account. Because afterwards it is certain that your Facebook and Free Fire accounts will be hacked and change hands.

This practice is a phishing activity that takes advantage of a person’s ignorance to easily provide personal information or social media accounts or games on a website.

When you log into Facebook on the “” website, your email and password data are recorded by the website creator.

Hence, your Free Fire account will be easy for the hacker to have and you will not get the free skins or diamonds that are waiting for you.

The advice OKEGUYS can give if you want diamonds to buy the latest Free Fire items or skins is to save a lot, folks, and officially buy them.

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Well, that’s OKEGUYS ‘quest after checking the facts and truth from website which he said can give you free skins and diamonds. Please be more careful for your survivors!

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