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EVOS officials talk about the prosperity of Mobile Legends Pro Players Strikes Main

GAMEFINITY.ID, Salatiga – Recently, cases of Mobile Legends professional gamers have started refusing to enter a game or tournament. When one of the EVOS officers saw this condition, he started talking about the case.

EVOS Head of Esports, Aldean Tough discusses various issues that exist in the Mobile Legends league, including the event that professional gamers collapse.

The man, often called Dean, decided to speak out because two EVOS players, Rekt and Luminaire, refused to play at MSC 2021.

past the interview Aldean Tegar discussed this topic in depth with Jonathan Liandi on the Empetalk podcast.

Dean believes that professional striking players prefer live streaming rather than competing in tournaments.

This is because tournaments require a lot of effort and thought, but the results achieved are not much compared to live streaming.

“For example, the price of winning the MPL is hundreds of millions. But to get it, they have to invest two months of concentration, bleeding, being physically tired, mentally and others. “

“But the reality is that the prizes they are receiving are not what they cost. So they think it’s better to just stream for a month not to get tired and the results are pretty big, ”said Dean.

Dean also explained more about why teams and organizations didn’t force the pro gamer who collapsed to play.

If these professionals are not enthusiastic about the game, he says, the team’s performance will of course also drop significantly. The impact will be very bad for players and organizations.

“Yes, there will be chats, of course we respect the decisions of the players. We also think, roughly speaking, if this player doesn’t have the heart to play, it won’t be good to be forced yourself.”

“There are just a lot of things, of course there are also discussions in the media, netizens say they are afraid of losing or something, in fact they have to feel it. If you lose, you know what Indonesian internet users are like. If you want to lose, if you want to win, haters will still blaspheme, it can only increase or damage the player’s prestige, “continued Dean.

Then Dean concluded the interview with the advice at Moonton to deal with such cases. He advised Moonton to increase MPL’s prize pool and introduce regulations so that professional players no longer go on strike.

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