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EVOS ESPORTS wins Free Fire Red Bull Gold League tournament winner

GAMEFINITY.ID, Jakarta – The series of Free Fire Red Bull Gold League esports league tournaments has ended and the champion has been determined. EVOS ESPORTS was able to impress and won the Grand Final of the Red Bull Gold League, which took place from November 20 to 21, 2021, and was entitled to a grand prize of IDR 100,000,000. The team consisting of Saeful Muharrom, Abu Sofiyan, Muhammad Afaiq, Regi Pratama and Riki Wando won 11 opposing teams with 302 total points and 2 Booyah! in 12 rounds. In summary, the Red Bull Gold League sums up the excitement of the Free Fire tournament and saw the highest attendance on Grand Final Day 2 with 732,267 viewers watching the game live and the crowd gathering throughout the tournament that 3,403,592 on the 2nd official live stream platform YouTube Red. Bull Nation.

“Congratulations to EVOS ESPORTS for being the main champion of the Red Bull Gold League. For almost a month, the Red Bull Gold League presents the most competitive free fire match in Indonesia. We are proud and happy about the achievements of each team that brought the spirit of #EmpowerYourPassion to life. Many #GoldenMoments were created during the game, from the Regular Season round to the culmination of the event in the Grand Final round. The end of the Red Bull Gold League added to our positive record of supporting and providing a platform to improve the skills of Indonesian esports talent and become the best, ”said Syita Ayuningtyas as Marketing Manager for Red Bull Gold.

“Congratulations to EVOS ESPORTS and a big thank you to all 18 participating teams who tried to showcase the best eSports skills in the country through the Red Bull Gold League. We saw how dynamic and high-ranking the entire team can be, chasing each other for positions on the leaderboard. Of course we hope that with the Red Bull Gold League we can make the Free Fire Community in Indonesia even bigger and more solid. Additionally, we hope that the Red Bull Gold League and other upcoming eSports tournaments can be an ideal example of an opportunity for the nation’s children to build a positive and athletic mindset for the nation’s children in the current digital age, “said Wijaya Nugroho as Business Development & Esports Manager at Garena.

The Red Bull Gold League’s journey began with the Regular Season round on October 30th, when 18 teams battled for 4 slots for the Grand Finals for two weeks and the remaining 12 teams competed against each other on two consecutive days and the 8 best teams formed results in order to compete again with 4 teams at the top of the regular season in the last test phase in the Grand Final round.

First day

On the first day EVOS ESPORTS was able to show a very promising performance with rank 2 in the overall ranking with 138 points even without Booyah! But the first day belonged to ISLAND OF GODS with 156 points and 1 booyah! From the beginning of the first round of the Grand Finals, the team from Bali has been on the gas and survived until the last phase of the round, which they left behind with RED BULL REBELLION. The two teams dueled to the last point, until finally ISLAND OF GODS Booyah! in first place and consolidates his position as championship leader. RED BULL REBELLION is a bit behind, but remains in third place with 125 points and 2 Booyah! thanks to their victories in the 2nd and 5th round.

The second day

The 12 teams continue tough competition into the Grand Final round, hoping to bring enthusiasm and better strategy execution to catch up and maintain consistent performance to maintain excellence in the overall standings. EVOS ESPORTS opened the second day on a positive note after calling Booyah! premiered in the 7th round on the Bermuda map. That was not all, the 9th round was caught again by EVOS after a bitter fight until the final phase against BIGETRON BIT. Sensing that his position was threatened, ISLAND OF GODS launched a counterattack that resulted in Booyah! in the 10th round. Unfortunately, this effort is still not enough to catch up with EVOS ESPORT, so ISLAND OF GODS won 239 points, 2 Booyah! And they are entitled to a prize of IDR 40,000,000.

Third place went to BIGETRON BIT with their final win of 228 points, 1 Booyah! and they are entitled to a price of Rp. 25,000,000, -. Not to forget the brilliant individual performances that increased the team’s performance, the Red Bull Gold League named BION 09 from the ISLAND OF GODS team as the best player with 29 most kills during the entire Grand Final event and was entitled to a prize of Rp 10,000,000.

The end of the Red Bull Gold League with the great enthusiasm of the Indonesian population is an even stronger impetus for Red Bull Gold to increasingly present various platforms in the future that will increasingly help the government’s agenda to accelerate the digital transformation. The esports industry, increasingly recognized by the government for its contribution to the digital economy, is not only beneficial to the country, but also provides wider opportunities for the country’s children pursuing careers in the industry.

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